ToRiMiLi: [to-ree-me-lee] noun¬†the combination of mother and children’s names using the first two letters of each. Represents the alter ego of the mother who was finally made whole with the birth of her children.

Hi, I’m Tonya, a stay-at-home, mom of 3. I’m also a wife, a scorpio, a fan of wine, and mindless reality TV. I’m blind in one eye (that’s why I don’t drive). I’ve been trying to get in pre-pregnancy shape, although I admit I wish there was a magic pill I could just take so that I could go back to enjoying my favorite foods faster. I’m a liberal republican, and a Pantheist. I am terrified of (latex) balloons and birds! Completely addicted to¬†technology, I’m ALWAYS connected. I could live off eggrolls and McDonald’s hash browns. I’m a amateur Mom Blogger, and have a gift for drawing. I hate mopping and dusting, and it would be nice if laundry did itself.

I married my soul mate who is not only the world’s best husband and father, but also happens to be an excellent web designer and internet marketing expert.

We also have 3 cats that mimic our children’s personalities (in birth order no less), and two guinea pigs that I was reluctantly talked into (“I” wanted a dog!).

I share custody of my oldest two children with their father. It’s hard sometimes, but co-parenting often is. It makes for interesting blogs sometimes though!

I have a great life. I wouldn’t trade it for all the vino in the world!