NAME: Ramona Morris
BREED: Mini Jack Russell
DOB: Oct 19, 2016
WEIGHT: 13lbs
LOCATION: Kissimmee, FL
CONTACT: Tonya Morris: 727-455-4813
Veterinarian: BVL Veterinary Hospital: (407-785-1140
SEX: Female
License #
(Waiting for new license to come in)

Rabies Exp Date: Oct 19, 2024
Microchip #991001000609820 {

Description: White and brown short hair, stubby tail (born not docked) Wears a pearl collar.

Ramona has lived with us since she was 8 weeks old. She was raised with children, cats, and dogs. Though she be small, she is mighty! She’s the pack princess and demands the lion’s share of bones, treats, and table scraps. She is timid around new people, and other dogs outside of her pack, but she has princess expectations. She loves to destroy toys, especially if she discovers they have a squeaker. She also HATES exercise. We try to force her, but she’s very dramatic, often asking to be picked up during her walks, and then collapsing on the floor from exhaustion afterwards. Her favorite person is the one with the treats, but mostly her dad.

If you have found Ramona, please message her parents right away. Her dad is probably freaking out!