Web Ads


Considering the Principles and Elements of design, create 5 Web Ads from the standard sizes given to you using Photoshop.
You’re encouraged to use the photos from the previous Product or Portrait Photoshoot to build a series of ads, but you also have creative reign to you choose another product or theme using royalty-free stock images. You’ll find project details such as the Ad Types you’ll create for this project and their dimensions below.
Ad Types & Sizes:
  1. Ad for Instagram Story – 1080px by 1920px
  2. Ad for Instagram Grid (Portrait size) – 1080px by 1350px
  3. Ad for General Website (Rectangle) – 300px x 250px
  4. Ad for General Website (Leaderboard) – 728px – 90px
  5. Animated Ad for Web (GIF) – Square, 5 Seconds, 250px by 250 px

Applications used:
Adobe Photoshop

Project Details

Author :Tonya Morris Date :April 20, 2022 Website :Web Ads