First day Back

Today was the day of getting back to our routine. Not only for the kids, but for us parents, and little ones too. It truly is a magical time of year.

First of all, the kids went back to school today *que “hallelujah” music*. I was relieved to hear that they were both excited. The first week back was always exciting, even when I was a kid. The girls were with their dad last night so I met up with them this morning. I had to drop off their school paperwork and last minute school supplies anyway, and of course, take pictures. “Dad” had to do his obligatory “make sure you filled out all the paperwork right” check like I haven’t been doing it correctly since Pre K! I’ve never left him off it (read: pretended he doesn’t exist which is what he accuses me of without proper cause), but nonetheless he feels the need to go over it (even though I need to explain what it all is and then give him what he needs and explain that to him too). As usual, it’s all correct, so I just roll my eyes and let him play the part knowing this is probably the last school related event I’ll have to deal with him for the year.
I came with my sister and nephews today because she hadn’t been able to go to the Open House on Friday and since we arranged it so that our kids would be in the same classes it was easy for me to show her where to go. Everyone was very civil and the main focus was on the kids which is where it always should be. We even laughed and joked about how embarassing all us parents were for taking pictures, teasing them that we’d still be doing it in High School (no not really…probably). Finally we left (I think the kids were relieved) and came home where we’ll wait to hear all about their first day back. Unfortunately, I won’t see the girls again until Tuesday after school. Monday nights are “Dad’s Day” so I’ll have to call them to hear about it.

Chris is happy to have peace in the house again so that he can get work done. Ahhh, working from home, “a blessing and a curse” he would say. Aside from our toddler the house stays pretty quiet during school hours so it’s nice to have that again.

As for me, back to my diet and workouts! I busted out the stroller and Link and I went for our two mile walk. Let me tell you, even at 10am, the heat and humidity in Florida is ridiculous! I was panting like a pup, and those hills were not playing around today! I realize I haven’t worked out in a month practically so that certainly didn’t help. As hot as it is though, it makes for a more productive feeling workout. Some days when I walk I hardly sweat so I feel like I’m not doing much, on days like these I feel like my body worked hard! That humidity has to add some type of resistance and if you add to that pushing a stroller carrying a 30 pound child up hills, you’ve got a pretty solid workout for any stay home mom anchored by a toddler. “No gym, no excuse!”, I’ve seen my body change for the better simply by walking so why bother paying a gym membership you’ll no doubt lose interest in when you can’t get a friend to agree to be your work out buddy (or is that just me)?Besides, toddlers make decent walking partners. You can point out trees, squirrels, birds, houses, street signs, whatever! It’s all exciting to them, even still by the 23rd mailbox. Admittedly, there are days when I wish I had a tread mill, like rainy days or when it’s cold. At the time it might feel like a God sent break from working out, but I hate getting off routine. It’s that much harder to start up again which is what I’m experiencing now.

So that’s about it. Since I worked out I’m feeling lazy now and am just sitting here even though laundry needs to be done. I look forward to getting back to where working out GIVES me energy (I hear it does that, hasn’t been my experience too often). I hope all the kids (mine and yours) enjoy their first day back, even if it’s not today, and I hope all you parents enjoy it too.

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Riley update

You might have noticed I wrote that I had a sick kid at home. If you didn’t know, it was Riley. She’s been having really horrible allergies, especially the past few days. I thought it was because she was having a bad attack last Thursday and was sent home from school, then Friday we went on the field trip, then Saturday she camped with my dad and her cousins so I just figured her little body had had enough! She’s been coughing really bad since yesterday and Chris suggested we just keep her home from school today, I was planning on making her a doctor appointment anyway so we did. Her dad took her to the doctor where they determined she has bronchitis, a fever, and symptoms of asthma. She’s on an antibiotic, a steroid, and a nebulizer (4 times a day for two days and gradually weaning off it). She’ll be out of school for the rest of the week and then back to the doctor to see how she’s doing.
We also had her meeting today with the SST (student support team). They determined she doesn’t have ADD and that her problems are in Language which basically means “comprehension”. She’s still going through the steps necessary to help her but they’re confident she’ll continue on to the 3rd grade. She’s already getting 30 minute sessions three times a week of extra help, which is a lot they implied. She had started with three 20 minute sessions earlier in the year. If this doesn’t work the worst case scenario is that she’ll just get more help. It’s a major relief on our end. I’m mainly pissed at her 1st grade teacher for ingnoring this last year when we noticed the problem. We had two interventions but she really dropped the ball. Riley may not be struggling this year had she done this then…oh well. I like her teacher now and she IS getting it done.
On a positive note, it’s REALLY nice to be getting along and communicating with her dad. He and I attended the meeting while Chris opted to stay home with Riley (who like I said, stayed home sick). It’s just cool not to be playing the blame game with him anymore and to know that all of our genuine concern is for the kids well being. Did anyone ever think we could be THIS mature?!! 🙂

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YAY! Great News!

The Department of Transportation approved a bus stop for Riley!! The people there have been SO great! They tried to work with me last year but because I moved back to Hernando so late in the school year, understandibly there was nothing they could do. However, they kept me on the list for requests and actually came through!

The stop is pretty close too, less than a ten minute walk with Riley and Milla (which means it would take less time if Milla isn’t walking too).

I swear, the smile on my face when she called me, you’d think she was telling me I won the lottery! You just have NO IDEA what a relief it is for me not to have to worry about how I’m getting her to and from school everyday, or to have it to use against me! Plus, Riley LOVES riding the bus 🙂 She’s been bugging me all summer about it 🙂

*sigh* one less thing to worry about 🙂

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Damn roadblocks!

I’ve been trying to get back into school for a while now. There was NOTHING I was interested in in Spring Hill bc schools were so limited there, and with my inability to drive, my options were even fewer. That was a BIG motivation in my move back to Pinellas.

I’ve been working with Vocation Rehab (for those who aren’t familiar they help people with disabilities and those who have been hurt on the job, recover and retrain so that they can go back to work). I had an AWESOME case worker in Spring Hill but when I moved here, he obviously had to transfer me to the people here.

Now, I’m going to be nice here bc she really is a very sweet older lady BUT God help me please!! We talked for a little while a few weeks back and all went well, she introduced me to one of the Counselors over at PTEC whom I REALLY hit it off with. We started talking about things I’m interested in (careers to pursure) and we got on the subject of Graphic Art. Now both the counselor and I are all excited and we’re ready to sign me up, but my VR lady is like “wait wait wait, we at VR want to make sure that the disability won’t effect the training blah, blah, blah” (meaning, are my eyes going to get worse?) I tried and tried to explain, no more than anyone elses but she didn’t seem sure, for a second there I think she even got offended which I had to smooth over. She was going off what my other case worker had approved which was “Office managment,” NOT my thing, but bc of how limited resources were there in Spring Hell and the fact that I could help my ex from home, it was what seemed beneficial at the time, now that I have more flexibility, my horizones are broad…but she was tryig to bottle them up again!!

GRRRRR…back off lady! I’ve had people telling me what to do my whole freakin’ life!!

Anyway, she was supposed to do all these ammendments, get back to me. I was suppoosed to call her two weeks ago, I did she never called me back, I called her a few days ago, never called me back, I called her today, FINALLY she calls back to tell me she’s retireing!! *banging head on table*

Now I have to meet my “new” new case worker next week and start all over! So AGAIN, I HOPE to be in school by January! Man, if they awarded points…no wait, MONEY, if they awarded MONEY  for “trying” I’d be filthy fucking rich!!!

OOOH and let me not forget, my drug test!! I wrote down the damn meds I’m on but they had to call me and confirm I am on them, what the prescription numbers are, who the pharmacy was, who my doctor is, on and on and on…all this to go sweat my ass off in a warehouse!! So on the job issue, HOPEFULLY Monday, if not, Thursday!! Ugh…

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