Fishes be runnin’ wild!

Because we don’t seem to have enough animals in the house we let Riley and Milla get fish too. A fish tank I can support though because I love them too. We discovered that the girls fish were lonely (we discovered this when Milla’s first fish tank had to be taken back so we put her fish in Riley’s tank until we replaced it and the fish seemed to enjoy each others company) so yesterday we took the girls back to the store to let them pick out a fish friend.

Above is Milla’s new fish, a fish who has lost the will to live. That or we have decided that her other fish talked him into performing this nearly fatal stunt.  Maybe it was just initiation but here he is below trying to convince the new comer that this trick is perfectly safe

“here, I’ll even give you a boost” he says

Chris was in with Riley looking at her new fish (who couldn’t care less about each other) when he glanced over at Milla’s tank and asked “where’d her other fish go?” At first I paniced thinking we hadn’t gotten it out of the bag (it was a hard time) and that I had thrown him in the trash hours ago, I mean where else could he have gone. Well, I’ll tell you! That suicidal little creature SOMEHOW jumped up through the only opening he could, near the filter. I have no idea how he did it, what’s more amazing is that Chris found him STUCK to the back of Milla’s dresser gasping for air. He picked him up and put him back in the tank. The fish floated for a minute but slowly started coming back to life. he’d swim for a second and then float again, we didn’t think he’d make it the night, but he ended up being fine. i don’t know if the other fish feels guilty but he won’t leave him alone. He’s not being “aggressive” towards him, just up his butt!

I don’t really understand fish mannerisms so I don’t know if he’s being protective, if he’s asserting dominance, or just happy to have a friend, but if that white fish attempts suicide again, I don’t think we’ll be torturing another “friend”. This orange fish obviously has control issues!(obviously the pictures above were taken after we put the fish back in the tank, you can see how the orange fish won’t leave the white one alone)

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It’s a Boy!

His name is Korin, he’s about 10 weeks old, fuzzy and white and absoluetely adorable!

Did you think I meant the baby? Silly gooses (yes, I know it’s not “gooses”), it’s way too early to tell the sex of the baby (unfortunately for us). Actually, we’re hopng that by adding the addition of a male cat, we will have affected the sex of the baby. let me explain. We already have two daughters, we also have two female cats. We figure (we hope rather) if we added a male cat to the equation we will result in a male child. Yes, we are prefectly aware bringing home a boy kitty has nothing to do with our child being a boy or girl but it gave us an excuse to take this cute little kitten home 🙂 And if we end up having a girl, at least Chris has one other male in the house (although this kitty is a total moma’s boy 🙂

Playing with Daddy’s keys

Heidi and Mala do not like us right now

but they love to keep in shape with the Wii fit (Mala needs to get on it a bit more though)

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I got a puppy!

After several months of whinning about how badly I want a puppy, Chris finally caved 🙂

Her name is Spike (the name wasn’t supposed to stick but I got attached so I decided not to delete her) and she’s so cute! 🙂 Mom, you can appreciate this kind of dog 🙂 This is DEFINITELY the ONLY kind of dog you should own 🙂 (kidding Greg 😉

So actually, this new game was bought for Milla who has been wanting a puppy for a while now too (Riley got the Petz Bunnyz game for the DS because she’s on this big “I want a bunny” kick, and because I have had bunnies in the past and I know how bad they stink and how “not fun” they really are, we figure, next best thing). Unfortunately the girls have been at their dad’s so they haven’t been able to play with their new pets yet so Chris and I have been occupying them 🙂 I personally do not care for the bunny, I don’t think she likes me very much. She says I “frightened” her all the time >:( Like I said, never was a rabbit person, (maybe it’s the breed I picked for mine. Holland flops, not so fun :). The bunnies are more Chris’ pets so far. Spike on the other hand, LOVES me!! 🙂 She doesn’t listen to him so much but she and I have won a couple contests already, I’ve taught her to sit, lay down, roll over, and shake (her paw). That’s all I’m allowed for now, she was tired of learning for tonight 🙂

I can’t bring it to work though, I’d want to spend all my time playing with her 🙂 LOL, I know I’m a nerd and this doesn’t help my virtual reality dependency but give me some credit, I have cut back on my myspace time considerably 🙂

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