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Hey guys, it’s me again. So much for writing every day huh? I came to a few conclusions. One, I can’t write every day, I tried for a few days in a row and all I accomplished was writers block. Second, I can’t NOT write about my kids and mom life. I know I said I would try not to, and I know it doesn’t interest all of you and I admit sometimes talking about the consistency of my son’s bowel movements just isn’t appealing, but the truth is, I AM a mom and that’s what I have to write about.

Now that that’s all out in the open (exhale big sigh of relief), I’d like to let you in on our latest family project. As you know, we’re a family completely addicted to gaming, Minecraft in particular. Some of you don’t know what that is, some of you couldn’t care less about it, and some love it as much as we do. If you’re in the first or last group we’d like to invite you to check out our new LeMorrisFamily youtube channel where we will be posting some of our Let’s Plays. The videos and editing will get better over time, especially now that this has become my new hobby. We currently have 3 playlists started…

(with a possible “Chris and Milla” adventure coming soon).

Uploading is SLOW! So not all the videos are up yet. We may eventually get into recording Xbox and Wii (and there’s talk that “somebody” may be getting a PS3 for her birthday next month…shhh) Let’s Plays too since there is no less family drama on either of those consoles (and let’s be honest, no one watches this stuff to see everyone getting along!) . It would also mean we’d be able to capture Link playing some of his favorite titles and I know you’d all LOVE to see those, the kid is too good 🙂 We’re hoping to eventually be able to invite more people on our server and make it more of a community. Those are all plans for the future, but it’s nice to be excited about it. For now though, you’ll have to settle for some “Forced Family Fun From Five Fantastic Floridians”.

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Nursing Toddlers

“You’re STILL breastfeeding?!” I asked a mom I knew who was still nursing her two year old toddler. I never would have thought two years later I’d be answering the same question.

Females are truly magical beings. We not only have the ability to create life, but to sustain it after birth as well. It’s something no male could ever do. It’s our super power as women, and I can’t think of anything more profound. So I always knew I’d breastfeed my kids, at least for the first year of their lives. I grew up in a pro breastfeeding family so it was just the norm for me. Occasionally with my oldest we would supplement with formula during over nights at Grandma’s house, but that was just because pumping enough milk in preparation while also feeding her at the same time was annoying. She was fine with it so we were all happy. My younger two would have nothing to do with formula! In fact, once we tried to introduce formula they no longer trusted the bottle either, so then I was exclusively BREASTfeeding!

My oldest nursed for 11 months. She was on solid foods, had plenty of teeth, and was well acclimated with the sippy cup. We were both ready so the transition was smooth. She was about 25 months old when I became pregnant with her sister. That means she had only been off the boob for 14 months, I had just lost all my baby/breastfeeding weight (some women lose weight while breastfeeding, I seem to gain) and now I was getting ready to do it all over again. I was already feeling defeated going in to it and by 6 months I was ready to quit. We went as long as 8 months when she finally bit my nipple hard enough to draw blood that I finally said “we’re done!”. It was a tough transition. She screamed bloody murder that night anticipating her nightly ritual of booby before bed and I was denying her that. It’s something I still feel bad about to this day. She wasn’t trying to hurt me but I used it as an excuse to quit because “I” was over it. Like her sister, she was on solids, obviously had teeth, and had started using a sippy cup at 4 months, as for me I was ready to shed the pounds, and ready to have my body back so I felt justified in weaning her earlier, but still, if I could do it differently I would. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for me to break my son now…

Five years later, cue my son. A professional nurser who is apparently aiming for the gold medal of all nursing toddlers! It’s a running family joke when we’ll actually stop, me often saying “we’ll be done when he leaves for college for SURE”. When he was born I said I would nurse for the first year. As his first birthday drew near life seemed to get a little busy. His sisters were out of school for the summer and them being home all day was throwing off his routine. My husband’s mom had also flown in for his birthday, and we were having a party to celebrate, so I told myself, let’s settle into a new summer routine and then we’ll quit. Then it got to be, “we’ll quit when his sisters go BACK to school because it’s just too chaotic now” Then I would try, he would scream and cry, and either I’d give in or his dad (who works from home) would come out to see what was wrong which made me feel like we were distracting him, so I’d give in. The more excuses I made, the older he was getting, and the more it became a comfort thing rather than a nutrition thing, and when I would deny him, the more I felt that he was feeling rejected (I realize that could all be in my head). Now I’m dealing with THAT guilt which he is totally exploiting! It’s still the one thing that makes him feel better when he gets hurt, helps him go to sleep, and keeps him quiet when I need a “hush” moment.

So when I hear, “you’re STILL nursing?!” I sigh and answer, “yes…unfortunately” but what I need to do is try to think that one day he’ll be over it (soon I hope), and we won’t have THAT bond anymore. He’ll have taken one step towards independence, and that maybe instead of dreading it so much, I should enjoy the time that he is mine, and that to him, there’s no better place in the world than snuggled up next to me, even if he is literally draining me.

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Can I Please Poo in Peace?!

As a mother of three I’ve conceded to the idea that there may as well be a revolving door on our bathroom when I am in it. I take it as my karma for all the times I cornered my own mom while she was in the can and therefore accept my fate gracefully. However, the company of my youngest child lately seems like more of a punishment than I deserve. Lately he finds it necessary to unroll the toilet paper until I scold him no less than three times. Next he tries to grab the toilet brush and or plunger depending on how well I’m paying attention, often pretending he’s just looking in the shower to distract me. When he fails at those attempts he has taken to inventorying the cabinet by removing all the contents from it and the drawers underneath, including unwrapping new tampons, brushing his teeth with whomever’s toothbrush he finds, putting on head bands, and using my make-up brushes to sweep the floors. Since my bathroom time is really the only time I have reserved for reading (read: catching up on celebrity gossip via tabloids) this is quite frustrating as you can imagine. Eventually I kick him out, but before deciding to do so several consequences must be weighed. He will either…
a) scream and bang on said door screaming “mommy, pwease!!” as if he’s being eaten by rabid wolves on the other side
b) he will leave quietly…too quietly and as I exit the bathroom I will find that he has either…

  • discovered a coloring utensil and decorated my walls,
  • gotten into one of his sisters rooms where he will unknowingly torture their guinea pigs with his squeals of delight
  • climbed the stools if I forgot to flip them upside down (yes, the ones he flipped over and gave himself a black eye for the record books just in time for his second birthday)

c) go play quietly until mom is done. (for the record, “C” never happens),
d) I just let him stay in there with me and clean up the mess afterward.

This is way too much to contemplate just to empty the bowels, and I realize it’s a bit too much information than you needed to know about me, but hey, everybody poos, even dinosaurs! It’s just a reminder that a mother rarely get a break, bathroom breaks included.

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First day Back

Today was the day of getting back to our routine. Not only for the kids, but for us parents, and little ones too. It truly is a magical time of year.

First of all, the kids went back to school today *que “hallelujah” music*. I was relieved to hear that they were both excited. The first week back was always exciting, even when I was a kid. The girls were with their dad last night so I met up with them this morning. I had to drop off their school paperwork and last minute school supplies anyway, and of course, take pictures. “Dad” had to do his obligatory “make sure you filled out all the paperwork right” check like I haven’t been doing it correctly since Pre K! I’ve never left him off it (read: pretended he doesn’t exist which is what he accuses me of without proper cause), but nonetheless he feels the need to go over it (even though I need to explain what it all is and then give him what he needs and explain that to him too). As usual, it’s all correct, so I just roll my eyes and let him play the part knowing this is probably the last school related event I’ll have to deal with him for the year.
I came with my sister and nephews today because she hadn’t been able to go to the Open House on Friday and since we arranged it so that our kids would be in the same classes it was easy for me to show her where to go. Everyone was very civil and the main focus was on the kids which is where it always should be. We even laughed and joked about how embarassing all us parents were for taking pictures, teasing them that we’d still be doing it in High School (no not really…probably). Finally we left (I think the kids were relieved) and came home where we’ll wait to hear all about their first day back. Unfortunately, I won’t see the girls again until Tuesday after school. Monday nights are “Dad’s Day” so I’ll have to call them to hear about it.

Chris is happy to have peace in the house again so that he can get work done. Ahhh, working from home, “a blessing and a curse” he would say. Aside from our toddler the house stays pretty quiet during school hours so it’s nice to have that again.

As for me, back to my diet and workouts! I busted out the stroller and Link and I went for our two mile walk. Let me tell you, even at 10am, the heat and humidity in Florida is ridiculous! I was panting like a pup, and those hills were not playing around today! I realize I haven’t worked out in a month practically so that certainly didn’t help. As hot as it is though, it makes for a more productive feeling workout. Some days when I walk I hardly sweat so I feel like I’m not doing much, on days like these I feel like my body worked hard! That humidity has to add some type of resistance and if you add to that pushing a stroller carrying a 30 pound child up hills, you’ve got a pretty solid workout for any stay home mom anchored by a toddler. “No gym, no excuse!”, I’ve seen my body change for the better simply by walking so why bother paying a gym membership you’ll no doubt lose interest in when you can’t get a friend to agree to be your work out buddy (or is that just me)?Besides, toddlers make decent walking partners. You can point out trees, squirrels, birds, houses, street signs, whatever! It’s all exciting to them, even still by the 23rd mailbox. Admittedly, there are days when I wish I had a tread mill, like rainy days or when it’s cold. At the time it might feel like a God sent break from working out, but I hate getting off routine. It’s that much harder to start up again which is what I’m experiencing now.

So that’s about it. Since I worked out I’m feeling lazy now and am just sitting here even though laundry needs to be done. I look forward to getting back to where working out GIVES me energy (I hear it does that, hasn’t been my experience too often). I hope all the kids (mine and yours) enjoy their first day back, even if it’s not today, and I hope all you parents enjoy it too.

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I am often told how one day my kids will be grown and move out and I’ll miss them, and so on and so forth. Probably because my kids exhaust me and I vent my frustration via whatever social networking medium I happen to be on at the moment. So yes, I realize that I am inviting those types of comments. I know that one day I’ll be sitting in my empty nest reminiscing on the days when I heard the sound of children’s laughter and warm little arms hugging me tight and sweet “I love you”s coming from their lips, and I know my heart will ache and I’ll miss that.

However, it is NOT that time. I’m in the NOW, and NOW that laughter I hear isn’t a faint memory, it’s usually bellowing at the expense of a sibling. The warm arms hugging me tight are usually an over zealous child playing too rough with their arms wrapped around my neck choking the life out of me, and the I love you’s are said in a teasing manner like when they’ve been busted doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing in the first place. People in general tend to romanticize relationships (or times in their life) that are over (or have since passed). It’s easy to forget the hard times when all you WANT to do is remember the good. I know when they’re grown I won’t be sitting in my rocker thinking fondly of the days when I had to ground my kids or send them to bed crying because of whatever they did. Who would?!

Parenting is HARD work. It’s hard already and I’m not even in the teen years yet! I think the generations before the one with small children at home forget that sometimes. Do you know why they forget? Because we gave them sweet little grandchildren to play with and love and spoil rotten and then send home at the end of the day. Sure, kids are GREAT in small doses. They make you laugh, they make you feel young (sometimes), they remind you of happy moments in your past (perhaps with your own kids), but you have to admit too, when they go home and you have your quiet house back, you let out a nice little sigh of relief as you survey the damage they left behind. It’s okay to admit it 🙂 It’s because when you know your grandkids are coming over you make time for them. You don’t save your laundry to do for when they’re there. You don’t decide THEN would be a good time to pay bills or mop floors, forget making a phone call for some adult interaction! As full time parents, we don’t get that luxury and I think THAT’s the biggest thing that gets forgotten. As great as they are, we CAN’T play with them as much as they’d like, we CAN’T give them as much attention as they demand, we CAN’T ignore the things that need to be done around the house because we HAVE to take care of them. We NEED to make dinner even though they won’t eat it. We HAVE to wash their clothes so they have a variety of stuff to say they can’t/won’t wear. We MUST make them do the homework they swear the teacher didn’t explain even though we know that is not true, and we are REQUIRED to make them brush their teeth, smell their breath and despite their argueing, INSIST that they go back in there and use toothpaste this time! YOU have time to THINK so you spend it thinking about your kids (ironic isn’t it? Can’t wait for the kids to grow up so you can spend you golden years thinking about them as kids).

No, I won’t look back on these past 11 years (so far) fondly. I know they aren’t all peaches and gravy (is that a real saying? Who eats that?!). What I WILL be thinking about as I’m sitting in that rocker on my front porch are the moments that got me through these years. Like when Riley wasn’t quite 3 but was so protective of her newborn baby sister, like when Milla made her pillow fort at midnight and told me to “wook at my face, I’m not tiewd”, or when Link ran around the house singing “go koko, go koko”. I’ll remember the things they used to say (easier to do with Link since I post most of them, I wish social media was around when the girls were little) and the cute “baby” voices they would say them in. I’ll remember when I would nurse them and they would make eye contact with me and just smile up at me. I KNOW that’s what I’ll remember then because it’s what I think of to get me through the hard times now.

I know my kids are great, I think I say that in every blog I write. They may not be great ALL the time, but for the most part. I guess what I mean to say is I don’t think we’re meant to treasure every moment with our children. We’re suppose to give all the blood, sweat, and tears required to raise strong, independent future adults, and if we’ve done our job right then we will miss them when they’re gone. Maybe one day this blog will still be around when Riley has kids and is frustrated beyond belief, she’ll read this and know that I was there one day too and it passed, and when I tell her to cherish these moments because they go by so fast she can belt out “MOM!” they way she used to when frustrated with me and I’ll remember why I shouldn’t say that.

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Sometimes being the mom SUCKS!

In the past two days I have heard “you love him more than me!” followed by a door slam, and “I’m always the one getting punished because I’m older!” followed by a door slam. At this rate our doors aren’t going to last.

Kids are exhausting! They forget there are three of them but only one of me. I can’t referee every fight, I don’t always know who did it, and sometimes it’s NOT fair. I wish once in a while they could remember I’m human too.

Yesterday Milla came into Riley’s room (without knocking of course) and when I told her to get out she got pissed off and stormed out, accidently knocking her little brother over making him hit his head against the wall. Not hard, but hard enough, and she did genuinely feel bad so I kind of felt bad when I smacked her on the butt for doing it, but she does it a lot so I had to punish her. That was the “you love him more…” cry fest, which obviously is not true.

A little while ago Riley was playing SIMS on the xbox. Milla wanted to watch from the couch. I don’t know why this bothers Riley so much. Like I said, I don’t stand over them every time they’re in the same room together so I don’t know if Milla is bugging her, talking, humming, just being annoying for the sake of being annoying (which she does) so Ri started yelling at her to get out. I was on the couch with Link who I thought I almost had asleep so I didn’t run in there to prevent the fight about to come, instead, I calmly asked Milla to come into the living room with me. When she ignored me I got louder and more demanding, she continued to ignore me and, according to Riley, tried to punch her sister in “the stomach and the throat” which led to the smack across the face that I heard clearly from the other room, followed of course by the wails of pain from Milla. So I had to send Riley to her room for the smack which led to the “I’m always the one in trouble…” which obviously isn’t true. I had to explain that had she told me Milla was hitting her MILLA would be the one in trouble but since Riley decided to handle it herself she got herself in trouble. I assume all she heard was “blah blah blah go to your room”.

Like any parent, I love all three of my kids equally. Maybe in different ways but the same amount nonetheless. Riley is my dependable one. I can trust her to remember things (except not to hit her sister), help with her brother, and entertain herself. Milla is my little people pleaser. She tries so hard to make everyone happy, she helps me around the house, plays with Link (when she isn’t bulldozing him), and gives the sweetest hugs. Link is the baby so his only job is to fill the cuteness meter, which he does above and beyond, to NOT hit mommy in the head with a wood plank!! (which he just did…ouch) and to PLEASE for the love of God STOP taking his train track apart!. Oh believe me, there are times when it’s definitely EASIER to love one over the other, but it does hurt me that, even for a moment, they might truly believe I love one MORE than the other. My kids are literally my life, without them every day, life would be boring. It’s true I appreciate the boring days now because I have the kids, but I wouldn’t want it every day.

Okay, I need to wrap this up. Milla wants ravioli and Link wants strawberries (at the same time of course), and you can bet as soon as I get everything cleaned up Riley will want me to make her some mac-n-cheese. Today would be good time for one of those “boring days” *sigh* Until then, time to slip into my Super Mom suit and make everyone happy! First order of business, trying to explain to a toddler that the strawberries he sees on the box of Ziploc bags aren’t actually in the box…I may need back up.

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Surviving the Tween Years

For a coupke years now I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the time my girls will finally hit their teens, but no one bothered to warn me about the TWEEN years! WTF?! I honestly don’t know who is worse, my 10 year old or my 7 year old. The mood swings, the fighting, the attitudes, the “diva” like behavior…I don’t know if I’ll survive!

While getting ready this morning Riley informed me she has “nothing to wear” because she only has 4 shirts (that she likes), 2 (or 3) pairs of jeans, and a few pairs of shorts. Well congratulations sweetheart! I’m still squeezing into clothes I had before I was pregnant because we spend our entire clothing budget on you kids! Part of the reason I’m dieting is because I can’t afford to buy new clothes if I get too big for my old ones!

That was the first thing…then…

Milla needed new flip flops so I took her to get some today. We got into our first real “fashion” argument right there in the store. Me, apparently being the ever practical and obviously oblivious mother, was searching for cheap, rubber/plastic shoes she could wear to the water park and that should say, oh, I don’t know, her dad’s dog eats them (again) I won’t flip out! She on the other hand was looking for super cute, strappy sandles that she could wear anywhere BUT in water, and certainly not in the price range I warned her about ahead of time. At one point I threatened to leave the store telling her since she wasn’t willing to compromise then we weren’t getting anything, but in her sweet and sincere, 7 year old, voice she replied, “what’s ‘compromise’?” I felt bad, I felt worse when the sales lady guessed her age and said “yep mom, she’s at that age where she wants to look grown up.” I actually felt old!

No bribes or threats work anymore, they know we’re too overwhelmed. Every few minutes is an enormous ordeal. One is copying the other, poking the other, in her sister’s room, or just plain annoying her (and me in the process). I haven’t such seen deliberate aggravation since…well, since I was with their dad.

Then they’ll turn right around and disappear in one of their rooms and play so nicely together for hours, even ask if the one can sleep in her sister’s room that night.

Most of the time though Riley’s my life saver. Link sees her as a mini mommy. She’s excellent with him, always has been. She changes (pee) diapers, helps clean him up after he eats, comforts him if he’s sad, and plays with him longer than she cares to. She’s great. Too great sometimes! There are moments when I need to remind her who the mom is and that not only am I HIS mom, but HERS too, and that she’s still alive so I must not have done too bad a job.
Milla’s biggest contribution to my sanity is helping me clean. She will randomly come up and ask if I’d like her to clean the kitchen, or playroom , or wherever…”uh, yeah!” I have to get on her about her room sometimes though, I think she cleans for approval but with her room it’s expected. I came to this conclusion when I discovered her way of cleaning it was shoving everything in her closet. One day soon it’s going to be like out of one of those comedy scenes where I open the door and an unimaginable amount of crap buries me alive. She’s good with Link too don’t get me wrong, just in a different way. When the two of them get together they’re more like partners in crime. She brings out the wild child in him, with little effort even. Once he sees her it’s all play! Running, screaming, climbing up and jumping off things. It’s non stop insanity for as long as we allow, but they love it and he just adores them. You should see his torment when they leave. On the days their dad picks them up he freaks out. Crying, screaming, banging on the window, and watching them leave. It breaks your heart. You can’t wait for them to get home so that we get to see the squeels of joy when he sees them.

They’re growing up so fast. Ri will be 11 this year and Milla 8 and they’ve made it perfectly clear that they are no longer babies! I may be sweating the tween years now, but at least they still give me random hugs and kisses (even infront of their friends), they still tell me they love me, they’re still trying to make me happy more than they’re trying to make me nuts, so I KNOW I’m still in a good spot and that I have every reason to focus my worry on those golden teen years! I just want to prep you mom’s out there with young girls, there is an age of craziness that comes before 14, but don’t worry, it comes with a few advantages too.

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Bumps and Bruises, inside and out


I find myself grateful for the beginning of every new month lately, as if that somehow means every thing will be better THEN. I know that compared to some I have no reason for complaining, I have 3 great kids that I am am able to stay home to take care of because I have a wondeful husband who not only provides for us, but is a terrific father as well. I have a beautiful house that we’re slowly but surely filling with nice things, and a great family that bails us out when in need. So what’s this blog all about then you may ask? I write because I’m still human and even though my life is good, it does not come without stress.

First off, my mother in law will be moving from Maine and in with us here in the next few days. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and I’m glad my son will be able to grow up with his grandma (Memere as we call her) in his life now. I know she’s thrilled as well to be close to him and her son again. I guess I’m just nervous how the dynamic of the house may change. It’s hard when two women live together, especially if both of them are mothers and even more so if both have a connection to the man of the house. It’s not permanent, just until she gets established here so I’m keeping positive thoughts on the forefront while silently panicing to myself inside.

Next is all this end of the school year craziness that goes on as school comes to a close. Normally I dread summer vacation and the beginning of “boredom” but I think I’m so relieved to be done with homework, class projects, “please send in $x for this and that…”, I understand with the cut backs and all in schools parents paying for more and more is necessary so we do it but man, it’s starting to feel like we’re paying for something new every week. Not to mention supplies they’ve gone through, shoes they tear up, and replacing clothes that magically disappear throughout the year! Try to find uniforms THIS time of year! Only another week…we’ll make it.

Inbetween those two events is my son’s 2nd birthday party. Everything is working out fine, no real stress there except the cost. I still need to order the cake, buy the food, make the sides, and get through the party. We still haven’t even bought his birthday gift yet (a train table) which is another large expense but if sanity has a monetary value, this thing is worth it!

Finally, the cherry on top of it all, Sunday (5/29/11) my fearless son is climbing a bar stool in our kitchen that flips back and knocks him in the head. Instantly he has a golfball sized bump on his forhead (which is large considering his tiny forehead) and the bruising has begun. Let us not forget the screaming in pain either. I could see the panic in my husband’s face, this being his first child and my third, he usually looks to me for the severity in situations like this. Normally, I am the calm one in a crisis. I’d need to see a severed limb before I think “we should go to the emergency room”, but in this case, even I was nervous. You never know with head injuries and all these worst case scenarios were going through my mind so we decided to take him to get checked out. The ER was empty so we got in right away and everyone was nice of course, my son was freaking out expectedly. Not only was he in pain but now he’s in a strange place with strange people poking around. The original plan was for them to do a CT scan, but after an hour of observation and the thought of having to sedate him to get it done the doctor decided it wasn’t completely necessary. His motor skills were fine, he hadn’t lost consciousness, and no vomitting so it looked like we got lucky. We happily agreed not to do the scan, and armed with a list of warning signs to watch for, we took him home. He did fine, fell right to sleep (now 11pm) and woke up like it was any other day. Today (5/31) we went to the pediatrican for a follow up and he agreed he was fine, just some ugly bruising and swelling, but it would go down. It’s not an adventure we’ll ever forget, especially considering if the bruising isn’t all gone by Sunday, all his birthday photos will remind us.

So I’m a little frazzled for the time being. I know it could be worse, it can ALWAYS be worse, but still, if I can just get through June 7th (last day of school and officially my son’s birthday) without anything else piling on then I would appreciate it. Maybe we’ll even reward our survival with the new Breaking Bad season 3 also available June 7th…I think it’s meant to be 🙂

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Didn’t he just have a birthday last year?

The date is set, the pavillion paid for, the facebook event invitation posted, the (expensive) decorations ordered…this party is at the point of no return!

Minor set backs of course. First of all, I thought I was so clever, had the perfect date figured so that (thanks to conflicting custody arrangements) everyone had their kids on a specific day. I only had two weekends in June that this was possible, the first and the last. I went with the last. Now I’d given myself almost 2 months to plan the perfect train party for my (turning) 2 year old son, I thought I was so ahead of the game! I was wrong! I had my dates screwed up and NO ONE else had their kids on the last weekend! Panic mode! Can I still get the park with the train? Will they have any open pavillion’s the 1st weekend in June especially with only 2 weeks notice? Will everyone still come?! Luckily they did have an opening for the first weekend in June. Not only for the time I had originally gotten but now the train is FREE rather than costing the $125 an hour it would have any other weekend (it’s the first weekend the train runs so it’s free all day. Of course that means it’ll be busier but still, free > $125!) So a bad turning into a good, things looking up…

Then we order the deco… I had the best theme picked out, a “Two Two Train” party. What could be more perfect for a toddler turning two who absolutely LOVES trains?! I also had a coupon for the online company we were ordering from which happened to expire after hubby’s pay day so another lucky break. Two problems. First of all, remember I’ve changed the date to two weeks earlier, so now by the time my order gets here and I get invites mailed everyone will have like 2 or 3 days notice! Hence the quickly thrown together facebook invite. The other problem is that part of what I loved about the theme was that the gift boxes came with train whistles. Sure the parents may hate me for them but it went with the theme. Of course by the time we placed our order the whistles were not available and they replaced it with “glow putty”. HELLO?! This company obviously has NO experience with kids! Not only do their gift boxes (for a 2 year old theme mind you) say “for ages 3 and up” but have they ever seen kids with putty?! I personally have had 2 blankets ruined by silly putty. I have half a mind to toss it when it arrives. When I realize this I start to panic. Chris to the rescue! I swear this man needs a cape. I must have an “I’m gonna die if this isn’t exactly how I envisioned” face because before I say anything he says let’s just order the whistles from amazon, which he did and totally saved the day (well, the gift boxes at least) 🙂 Plus we ordered (from a third site) a dozen train conductor hats to go in the boxes because I HAD to have them (yes, he asked if they were necessary and yes, they were).

So now I await the arrival of 3 packages from 3 different companies for the perfect decorations and party favors. We still don’t have the food and cake ordered yet but we’re going to do burgers and hot dogs so no worries there and the cake just needs a few days notice so, piece of cake 😉

The big birthday present… We found it today at Toys R Us. A train table. We spent a half hour there letting him play with it (daddy stayed with him while I did other shopping) and we literally carried him out of the store kicking and screaming! Our son is no angel, but he has NEVER thrown a fit like this. It was the saddest thing we’d ever seen. It did confirm the fact that we picked out the PERFECT gift for him and now I know I will get countless hours of “free” time at home because I know he will be safely occupied.

So in the end, party planning is exhausting! I may gain a few more gray hairs, pack on another 5lbs (being generous), and lose my mind in the process but the day will come and go and we will have great pictures (carefully editied) to show what a perfect event it all was 🙂

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