“Where is the fricken remote?!” The Great Search

For a family of couch potatoes, there are few things less irritating than misplacing the remote control. So when we lost it last night I was less than thrilled. It may sound like a little thing, but after a day with 4 kids (2 of which weren’t mine) and one being a toddler who refused to nap because he was excited to play with the “big kids”, all I wanted was my stupid fudge pop and to watch mindless television until I fell asleep, BUT where was the remote? Retracing our steps all over the house, cleaning the playroom, scooting my (finally) sleeping toddler all around the couch trying to search between cushions and under sections, checking rooms again and again, we finally gave up for the night.

The next morning we began the search again. I even tried to bribe the older kids, but apparently $2 isn’t worthy of putting down Lego Pirates and helping out. They said they would for $5 (damn kids ;))

When I say “the great search” I mean just that! We searched dresser drawers, and laundry baskets, the refrigerator and dishwasher, every available cabinet, every room at least twice, the car, even the TRASH! We flipped the couch on it’s side, checked between cushions (again), behind furniture (again), in shoes (again)…it was ridiculous that we could not find this thing.

We had just about given up when Chris walked past his hat, sitting in the middle of the walkway into the living room, plain as day, and underneath it, the remote. Are you freakin’ serious?! We MOVED furniture, worse, my mother in law dug through the trash, (bless you for that Gloria :)) yet we didn’t LIFT a hat that was laying in the middle of the floor?! I have two theories. Either it was just too obvious that we didn’t even consider it, OR (and the more likely), Link figured we were getting too close to finding his secret stash (the portal in the house only he knows about that seems to transport toys, trains, socks, remote controls, and other various items he feels like hidding, to an alternate dimension until HE wants them again), so he came in while we were distracted looking elsewhere, and hid it under the hat. You may think I’m nuts but he’s a crafty little tyke, wise beyond his years. I wouldn’t doubt it.

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