Milla and the DS

Did I tell you the story of Milla and her DS? No?!!

I was sitting with the girls the other day, both of them are about to play with their Nintendo DS’s. Milla says to me “Mom, why do I have this big black spot on my screen” My first assumption was that she dropped it and there went the $130 we had paid for it only 3 months earlier (Christmas). Upset I asked her “what happened?!” not really expecting her to answer me or only with the usual “I don’t know”, but she replies…

“it must’ve happened when I bit it”

Mom: “you bit it?!”

Milla: (looking guilty and like maybe she shouldn’t have just said that) “*whisper*yes”

Mom: “why did you bite it?!”

Milla: “because I was mad”

It turns out Milla has inherited a temper and I’m assuming her game didn’t do what she had in her head for it to do and therefore it felt the wrath of her teeth 🙂 LOL I kind of wish I had seen it happen 🙂 This isn’t the first DS infraction, she also bit the tip off a stylus for whatever reason. I guess we should have figured it out then.

Her Punishment:

Even though the bottom screen is perfectly fine, Milla is no longer allowed to play with her DS. She also has to save up her own money to buy herself a new one. However, because she was honest about why it broke and didn’t lie even after she realized she had just gotten herself in trouble we decided to buy from her the games she had bought with her own money. Hopefully she’ll take better care of this one 🙂

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I got a puppy!

After several months of whinning about how badly I want a puppy, Chris finally caved 🙂

Her name is Spike (the name wasn’t supposed to stick but I got attached so I decided not to delete her) and she’s so cute! 🙂 Mom, you can appreciate this kind of dog 🙂 This is DEFINITELY the ONLY kind of dog you should own 🙂 (kidding Greg 😉

So actually, this new game was bought for Milla who has been wanting a puppy for a while now too (Riley got the Petz Bunnyz game for the DS because she’s on this big “I want a bunny” kick, and because I have had bunnies in the past and I know how bad they stink and how “not fun” they really are, we figure, next best thing). Unfortunately the girls have been at their dad’s so they haven’t been able to play with their new pets yet so Chris and I have been occupying them 🙂 I personally do not care for the bunny, I don’t think she likes me very much. She says I “frightened” her all the time >:( Like I said, never was a rabbit person, (maybe it’s the breed I picked for mine. Holland flops, not so fun :). The bunnies are more Chris’ pets so far. Spike on the other hand, LOVES me!! 🙂 She doesn’t listen to him so much but she and I have won a couple contests already, I’ve taught her to sit, lay down, roll over, and shake (her paw). That’s all I’m allowed for now, she was tired of learning for tonight 🙂

I can’t bring it to work though, I’d want to spend all my time playing with her 🙂 LOL, I know I’m a nerd and this doesn’t help my virtual reality dependency but give me some credit, I have cut back on my myspace time considerably 🙂

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