What a coo coo dream!

This may be a dumb reason to write a blog but I don’t care, it was a weird ass dream!

I was standing at a high school football field videotaping a huge group of people sitting on the bleachers with their heads down chanting or singing or something wearing green trench coats and old black military helmets (it was a dream ok…does anything ever make sense?), there was something written on the back of their coats but I couldn’t make it out… when from behind me this huge African tribe comes up, I mean straight out of Africa! Then the guys in the trench’s start charging and the tribe starts charging and then this one African woman comes up with this HUGE machete, preaching/yelling about the end of time and her postion as a “strong black woman” and she hacks “someone” (?) in the back with this knife. Meanwhile, I’m just standing there watching this whole thing go down…

So I woke up soon after that and can’t really remember any other details. Don’t go thinking I’m a racist or whatever you may interpret from this, it was after all, a dream. All I can think is I fell asleep watching some crazy ass movie! It was so vivid though! Any thoughts on what the hell is was all about?

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