Why am I not sleeping?

I really should be asleep, or attempting to be anyway, but today marked 4 in a row that Link has not been able to take a nap and the boy was DELRIOUS for most of the evening. I’m so grateful that he’s finally in a deep sleep that I want a few conscious moments to enjoy it. Downside is I’m kinda bored, so why not share that with my adoring public…and you guys too.

I promise not to write about what I ate today. I admit, it was boring 🙂 I only did it for anyone who was interested in following the menu to give them an idea of what works, but I agree, after the third day you got the gist. Obviously I’m not a big variety person. I WILL say the diet is paying off. I lost 8.4lbs this week! That’s amazing! Only a few more pounds to go and I’ll be back where I started before I began cheating. Since I did do so well I’m having this internal battle with myself over whether or not I should let myself have a celebratory glass (or glasses) of wine with my family tomorrow while at my dad’s for Father’s Day? So far the “don’t do it” side is winning, but she can easily be beaten into submission if necessary. We shall see…

What a day! I am exhausted but in a good way. Lots of check ins on my foursquare account I’m happy to report (because yes, I’m addicted to that too). First stop was at Aaron’s Rent To Own. Now I know what you’re thinking, but they aren’t so bad if you opt for the “120 days same as cash” payment plan. We bought our couch that way and it’s a great piece of furniture and I feel like we got it for a good price. Today my husband surprised me by letting me order the dining table I had been wanting. He knew how bad I wanted it by the subtle hint I left by hanging the picture of it on the ‘fridge door (it’s how I got my couch too ;)). I’m really excited about it and the order serves a duel purpose since we’ll give the 4 seater table we have now to Chris’ mom once she has her own place.
The next stop was Best Buy to get my dad’s Father’s Day gift, then to Toys “R” Us to buy my nephew’s birthday gift. Funny thing about T”R”U is that it’s 30 minutes away from our house so when we went there and COMPLETELY forgot to buy his gift you can imagine how stupid we felt. The reason for our temporary memory loss was distraction. The train table we had wanted to buy Link for his birthday but was $170 was now on sale for $99.00! So we were in total train mode, plus planning our exit strategy, which is a must when leaving there because Link is obsessed with their assembled train table. It is literally a kicking and screaming ordeal. So yes, we forget all about the gift and headed home. An hour later we realized our screw up and decided to see if Target had what we wanted. I’m all for getting out of the house and adding points to my foursquare, like I said, addicted! So we get to Target, find very little from our list and leave…once again COMPLETELY forgetting about the freakin’ gift! What the hell is wrong with us?! So we try Walmart which doesn’t have it (but I did find my deviled egg tray I wanted) so Chris suggests we go back to Toys “R” Us and I happily agree. See, it’s rare Chris isn’t rushing me out of stores, either because I’m spending too much money or he has to get back to work, so for him to volunteer another hour drive I did not refuse! FINALLY, we got the gift…my nephew has better LOVE it! 😉

Part of Link’s refusal to sleep today was this train table, which thanks to my dad and Chris is assembled and in the playroom. It was cuteness overload when we brought the box in the house. Even though it seemed he couldn’t care less when we were paying for it in the store, when we carried it in he started jumping up and down, clapping, and saying “TRAIN!” with the biggest smile. It was an awesome moment indeed! Totally worth every cent.

That’s about it I guess. My Streak’s battery is about to die and I really should try to sleep. I swear I’d make these blog’s more interesting if my life was more interesting. For now, this is what you get, mommieisms and venting and dragging on about my busy day toy shopping. It may not be the most exciting life, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Good night!

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Hey guys! I’m home alone and bored and it’s been a while since I posted a senseless blog so one’s due 🙂

I’m sure you’ve read my relentless bulletin’s about how much not having air conditioning has sucked, but as of tomorrow that will be over. I dealt with it from Tuesday night until Friday morning. The nights weren’t so bad. We dealt with it by having my ex keep the girls over night and Chris and I would lay on the living room floor with all the fans facing us, and if that wasn’t enough, he’d rub ice all over me which worked VERY well! 🙂

The days sucked though!! I don’t think it ever got hotter than 96 in the house, but it was all shut up. There are no screens on the windows so with the cats inside and bugs outside, I couldn’t open windows or doors. We opened the back door during the evening but couldn’t leave it open all night.

Friday I went to my dad’s house and hung out with my sister all day and then over the weekend a friend of mine went out of town and let us use her house while she was gone.

It’s been a fun weekend. We increased our DVD collection adding old cartoons from our childhood to the library. We had lunch with my mom, sisters and brother for my mom’s bday, we saw Transformers at the IMAX theatre, and just had a REALLY good, relaxing weekend.

So how was your weekend?

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