WTF is with this “First” crap (explicit lyrics)

Warning, I am pregnant, this is the hormones talking

I don’t get it? Why does anyone care that you were “first” to comment someone’s blog? Especially when that’s the only thing you have to say! FUCK YOU! You’re an idiot! Say something worth while at least. I particularly love the dumbasses who write “first” but are actually 3rd. I like that you can’t delete your own comment on blog’s either for that very reason because you look like a tool and I’m glad everyone gets to see it. If it were my blog I’d just delete all your stupid “first” comments. Fortunately I don’t know any of these idiots.

I miss myspace when people actually had something to say. Granted not all of my blogs/comments have been fact worthy, some I was just plain drunk and bored!  But my God, if I did decide to comment I TRIED to make a point or at least a bad joke. Not that I’m claiming to be better than you but…FUCK THAT yes I am, at least I tried.

And these stupid applications!! Ugh, I love myspace “stalking”, it’s a favorite pastime of mine, at least it used to be until it became only about sorting through dozens of stupid “I bought you as a pet” and “check out how much you’re worth” comments. Seriously?!! Does anyone talk to each other anymore? Is anyone even on here anymore or are these comments just posting themselves? And if you are posting them what is the appeal? Maybe it’s me, maybe “I” just don’t get it. Maybe the year I was working and not on myspace so much was the big turn around for it. Guess I missed the “cool” train. Can’t say I’m too broken up about it, but I do miss the hours worth of converstions I could have at any given time with ACTUAL people. Lately it feels like I’m better off trying to communicate with the damn computer automated voice who keeps calling my house for Troy Figaro…WHO DOES NOT LIVE HERE! Never has, for the two and a half years you’ve been calling for him! If a real person would call JUST ONCE I would tell you guys that!

Okay…I think I’m done. Got it all out of my system…some of it anyway. if this kid doesn’t come out of me soon there seriously may be a body count…Glad everyone in the house is asleep, I really wouldn’t want to be around me either 🙂 If you’re one of these “first” people, please stop, if you know any, please set up an intervention, they need help.

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This is is why I hate Debt Collectors

Like many people, after my ex and I separated, I went into debt. His credit was ruined long before he even met me so to him, this was no big deal, but to me, who makes little income at all, this is huge.

Obviously, I’m not paying my creditors off, which sucks because I would love too. I hate avoiding phone calls and just filing collection letters away unopened, but that’s the reality right now.

So today (and remind me to thank my !@#$ ex for giving out my cell phone number to said creditor) I get a call from an unusually nice collector who says she’ll work this payment arrangement out with me yada yada yada, you know, like they always do, and I figure if it’s reasonable enough and I can get this debt paid off then fine I’ll do it. Well, it’s a $600+ bill (once they knock off interest, late fees, etc) which she says she can divide it into 2 payments, I say I could probably do 3, so she sends my call to her manager or whatever for approval and he says he can only do the $600 if I pay it off in ONE payment but if I need to do 3 it’ll be a slightly higher payment, I ask how much higher he says $900+. Okay genius, if I can’t afford to pay you the $300 a month in order to pay off a $600 debt, what on Earth makes you think I’ll pay you $300 a month to pay off a $900 debt? So I did the usual “Let me work some things out and you give me a call back another day” just to hang up and then when he calls I just won’t answer the phone.

Yeah it sucks, but you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip right? (thanks mom for that useful phrase 🙂

That wasn’t even the worst part. I tell him I’m on a fixed income and not receiving child support. If it’s matter of feeding my kids or paying off a creditor, I think it’s pretty obvious who isn’t getting paid. So he asks me what I do for a living that my income is so little, I say I’m on disability because of my eyes, he says “oh well I’m legally blind too” or something, he didn’t actually say what was wrong with his eyes, just “me too” but that he didn’t even realize he would qualify for social security. This went on for a bit, like he was trying to catch me lying or something. I had to resist the urge to call him a “dumbass” and just said “I don’t know, my mom signed me up for it when I was 15”. So he asks me, “why does this keep you from working?” I say, it doesn’t, I’ve always worked and when my kids are both in school full time I will again. It’s just, his whole undertone was very condescending and I hate that! Don’t make me feel like a stereotypical welfare case because I’m not. I can’t stand this inferior mentality towards stay home mom’s.

Note: I have nothing against parents who need and are on welfare. I do have an issue with it if you never have an intention of getting off of it.

Anyway, !@#$ him, because something would have been better than nothing and nothing is all they’re getting, especially now. I hope he enjoys his high profile and well respected job as head bill collector. I’m sure he feels very fulfilled.

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WTF Nutrisystem?

I just saw a commercial for Nutrisystem. A woman on there is all excited because now she’s a size 2…well good for her, but a SIZE 2?! It’s no longer acceptable to be a size 6 (a goal I’m still trying to achieve, not as easy after 2 kids)? If you’re on that diet program anyway, doubtful you started out a 6, you were probably in the double digits somewhere…you’d be happy to buy a size 9!

That is so frustrating. Most of the female population is already suffering some sort of eating disorder, distorted body image, or just self loathing due to her weight, even if there is NOTHING wrong with her, simply because of commercials like this. I’m not usually such a feminist but enough is enough. I’ll be happy to be back in prepregnancy shape before I turn…well I’d say 30 but that doesn’t leave me much time, so before 31 :). I started 5’5″, 116lbs, and a size 6/7. Now, I don’t weigh myself because that’ll mess you all up too, but I’m back in prepreg jeans and I’m happy with that. I’m sick of commercials that endorse this mentallity that a woman has to be 5’10”, 110lbs, and only eat salads…

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