So sad right now

You guys know I have the whole matching crib set for the baby. I LOVE it! At least I did… Unfortunately I look over at my diaperstacker today and look!!

All the stitching is coming undone! This is with the weight of only a half stack of newborn diapers in it! (which are about the size of your hand!)

I am trying not to cry right now. I’m totally bummed. Yeah, I could buy it again (it’s on sale for $10) but what’s the point? If it can’t even hold newborn size how is it ever going to last to size 5?!! I was just so happy that everything matched and now it won’t, and you know I have crazy OCD about this crap…now he’s due in less than 2 weeks…ugh :(. It’s just that I was feeling prepared and now I don’t. And I know it’s only a stupid ‘thing” but I swear to God if you’re smart you won’t say that to me right now…

I don’t even think it can be fixed. The lining is frayed.

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Mommy Diaries – 37 weeks

This was the second best appointment I’ve had, after finding out we were expecting a boy 🙂 First of all I am a fingertip dilated (which doesn’t sound like much but considering I have never dilated even that much with either pregnancy before, makes this real progress!) But that’s not all, I also LOST a pound! All that walking and drinking lots of water is paying off (we’ll see if we’re as lucky next week considering I haven’t been able to walk with all this rain).

My midwife DID try to dilate me to at least 1cm but OUCH!! Holy hell, THAT is NOT fun! I figure “thanks but I’ll just get there on my own” 🙂

I also asked her to check to be sure he was still head down. Yesterday he was moving around and later I felt hiccups where his feet used to be and feet where his hiccups used to be, this was not good. Normally babies at this stage are getting “into” position not out of it. I could have sworn I felt him still flip flopped. As we waited for our appointment he was moving around like crazy! Luckily he moved himself right back into position. So we’re back to good! 🙂

Well that’s it, short and sweet, nothing else really exciting going on. Less than 3 weeks to go!

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I don’t know why I blogged this survey

Who ended your last relationship?
I did. I moved out and it was a year long battle after that

When was the last time you got in trouble with the law?
I never get in trouble with the law

What were you doing 15 minutes ago?
reading yahoo news…LOL, it was about Jon and Kate though 🙂

Are you any good at English?
I passed it and I speak it, whether I do it well or not is a matter of opinion I guess

Do you like Dane Cook?
he’s cool. I just saw his ISolated INcident stand up last night. He has his own style that’s for sure, lots of sound effects and yelling/squealing into the mic

Do you have any famous ancestors?
not that I know of

Do you know all the words to the song on your myspace page?
some of them

Where is your mom at?

Have you ever kissed in the rain?
think so but I have no “memorable” moments

What’s one thing you wish to change about yourself?
I wish I was a little more sane. My hormones are so out of control lately I really feel like this blubbery mess

Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach?
no, my kids’ names though sometimes. I’ve only gone to the beach once this year

What’s the most painful dental procedure you’ve had?
having all four wisdom teeth pulled, thank God they knocked me out!! You should have seen me after though! My cheeks were so swollen up and I went through 4 bottles of Vicodin that weekend!

What is outside your back door?
the cats porch

Do you have any plans for Saturday?
apparently it’s my nieces birthday party

How many brothers/sisters do you have?
I have 2 biological sisters, 3 step sisters and a half brother

Do you keep in touch with your exes?
one on a (near) daily basis but we have kids together. Any others only “Hi, how are you?” once in a while

Do you dislike anyone right now?

Something you are excited about?
my baby will be here soon!


When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group?
I don’t do that 🙂 The largest group I spoke infront of recently were a mix of 2,3, and 4 year olds 🙂

What kind of winter coat do you have?
my “winter” coat is a fleece jacket. You really don’t need one in FL

What are the songs/movies that reminds you past things/relationships?
there are lots of songs/movies that remind me of good times with old friends

Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue?
no but my dad can…which is not something I really needed to know about my dad…weird 🙂

What did you eat yesterday?
2 turkey and cheese bagels, chicken and rice, lots of Tylenol, and Rolaids

Who was your first best friend?
who “was”???

Karen 🙂 I love you girl, I also love that you make me look so tall 🙂

Who was the last person you ditched class with?
Phil, when I was in High School

Have you ever snuck out of your home?
when I was a kid. It’s “my” home now, I don’t have to sneak out, unless I don’t want the kids to know but they always do. I can’t even go to the bathroom without them calling me

What’s the last compliment you received?
I hear “you look great” a lot but you HAVE to say that to a pregnant woman or she’ll cry 🙂

Do you wear contacts or glasses?
I have magnified glasses but I never wear them, they need to be stronger

What’s the movie you last watched?
Waiting was on Comedy Central last night

Which friend lives the closest to you?

Are you on any medications?
just prenatal vitamins

What’s your favorite thing to do?
ummm…not much lately

Do you regret anything with your last ex?

What are you doing tonight?
no plans. Watching LPBW I guess 🙂 Oh wait, I think last weeks was season finale…shit, I hate it when seasons end. I have nothing on my DVR now except Spongebob, Barnyard and iCarly 🙁

When did you stop believing in Santa Clause?
I never believed in Santa. I didn’t celebrate Christmas until I was 13

What annoys you?
when people ask me to ask Chris to do something because they know he won’t tell “me” no, he hates that too 🙂 Just call him! 🙂

Do you have anything “bad” on your phone?

Does your myspace song have any significance?
some of them

Are your friends close with your mom?
they know her, it’s not like they have lunch or anything

Planning on traveling out of the country in 2009?
doubtful. Since Chris and I fly for free with his job we talk about going to England or Ireland but we’ll have a newborn so it’s mostly just talk and wishful thinking 🙂 People need to dream 🙂

What is the second picture on your phone?
no idea, depends on the album you look at

See any cute babies lately?
all babies are cute (if you don’t say that you’ll have an ugly baby and my son isn’t born yet so its not a fate I’m willing to tempt 🙂

Closest red object to you?
my loveseat

Jewelry you wear everyday?
my wedding and engagement ring, the citrine heart ring Chris gave me (Citrine is my birthstone and also his zodiacs planetary stone), and my Tiffany choker I got for Mothers Day

Do you like your homeroom teacher?

Look up, what do you see?

How about them patriots?
how ’bout them? i don’t care 🙂 I think I’m sick of hearing about Tom and Giselle. That crazy bitch needs a kid of her own Tom! Tell her to leave Bridgette’s alone! I’m all for loving your stepchild but don’t act as if he doesn’t have a biological mother

Anyone you wanna fight?
LOL despite my hostility, no 🙂

Ever surfed?
I doubt I’d be very good. Balance is not my friend

Last lie you told?
well if I told you I would busting myself wouldn’t I? Actually I don’t lie, I hate the stress that comes along with it

Ever wished your best friend would come down with a deadly disease?
no way! That’s awful

What’s your middle name?

What is your favorite number?
idk, don’t have one. why does anyone have a fav number?

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WTF is with this “First” crap (explicit lyrics)

Warning, I am pregnant, this is the hormones talking

I don’t get it? Why does anyone care that you were “first” to comment someone’s blog? Especially when that’s the only thing you have to say! FUCK YOU! You’re an idiot! Say something worth while at least. I particularly love the dumbasses who write “first” but are actually 3rd. I like that you can’t delete your own comment on blog’s either for that very reason because you look like a tool and I’m glad everyone gets to see it. If it were my blog I’d just delete all your stupid “first” comments. Fortunately I don’t know any of these idiots.

I miss myspace when people actually had something to say. Granted not all of my blogs/comments have been fact worthy, some I was just plain drunk and bored!  But my God, if I did decide to comment I TRIED to make a point or at least a bad joke. Not that I’m claiming to be better than you but…FUCK THAT yes I am, at least I tried.

And these stupid applications!! Ugh, I love myspace “stalking”, it’s a favorite pastime of mine, at least it used to be until it became only about sorting through dozens of stupid “I bought you as a pet” and “check out how much you’re worth” comments. Seriously?!! Does anyone talk to each other anymore? Is anyone even on here anymore or are these comments just posting themselves? And if you are posting them what is the appeal? Maybe it’s me, maybe “I” just don’t get it. Maybe the year I was working and not on myspace so much was the big turn around for it. Guess I missed the “cool” train. Can’t say I’m too broken up about it, but I do miss the hours worth of converstions I could have at any given time with ACTUAL people. Lately it feels like I’m better off trying to communicate with the damn computer automated voice who keeps calling my house for Troy Figaro…WHO DOES NOT LIVE HERE! Never has, for the two and a half years you’ve been calling for him! If a real person would call JUST ONCE I would tell you guys that!

Okay…I think I’m done. Got it all out of my system…some of it anyway. if this kid doesn’t come out of me soon there seriously may be a body count…Glad everyone in the house is asleep, I really wouldn’t want to be around me either 🙂 If you’re one of these “first” people, please stop, if you know any, please set up an intervention, they need help.

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Mommy Diaries – 36 weeks

Hey guys, not much to update but here’s what I’ve got…

We went to the doctor yesterday and everything is fine except I gained another 5 lbs! Yikes! My doctor says “okay, you’re done. Don’t gain anymore weight” 🙂 I have to cut out all soda and fried foods…great, there’s goes half my diet 🙂 I know I should have cut the soda out long ago but I NEED the caffeine, try to deal with my offspring in the morning without it! But I’ve done well the last two days. I had one yesterday before my appt but after I didn’t have anymore, and today I’ve had none (that’s probably why I’m especially tired now).
The doctor also checked me and as suspected, I haven’t started to dilate. That doesn’t mean anything really, you could be 2 or 3cm dilated and still not deliver until week 42. It’s just that when you’re pregnant, ANY sign of progress is a light at the end of the tunnel. For now I’m wondering around in the dark. I didn’t dilate early with either of the girls until D-day so I expected as much. I admit I was hopeful though. I never felt THIS much pressure and discomfort on my cervix with either of them.

I’m on this web site I am pregnant which has been really nice. I know Chris must get sick of all the redundant complaining I do all day long (although God love him, he’d NEVER admit it 🙂 so it’s nice to have other mom’s-to-be in the same week as me talking about and experiencing the same things I am. If you are expecting, I totally recommend this site!
Oh yeah, I’ve been convinced that this kid was going to weigh in around 10 lbs just because it’s the only excuse I’ll allow for why I eat so much 😉 but she checked. She admits she’s merely GUESSING but she suspects he’s only weighing 4 lbs about now which is right on track. She said you could add another 2 to 3 lbs for birth weight but she wouldn’t think more than that. There you have it, I’m just a big pig, LOL 🙂
So that’s it, I’m tipping the scales 43 lbs heavier than where I started, my cervix is still hanging in the WAY back and no sign of an early delivery (Chris’ mom will be pleased to hear that since she is flying in for the birth :).

I FINALLY have a walking partner! Shelsea and I started last week (better late than never). We do about 1.5 to 2 miles a day. It’s been really nice, we both get out of the house, we go up to the park where there’s a trail and walk our butts off (in the literal sense). It’s nice to have someone to help motivate my lazy ass because God knows, I won’t do it on my own 🙂

Did I already tell everyone that we’re all set up? The crib, swing, etc… I think I did last entry. We finally found a dresser too so I washed and sorted all the clothes. Everything is perfect, all we need is a baby 🙂

Mother’s Day was awesome! My absolute, without a doubt, BEST ever! Chris and I woke up to Milla affectionately beating me up because she was hungry which led into a 15 minute debate about why she wasn’t in there cooking ME breakfast, but really it was just to buy us 15 more minutes in bed 🙂 We had a TON of stuff to do, including do a water change in Riley’s fish tank because one of her fish had died (those damn sucker fish keep dying on me!), then her filter just died for whatever reason (well it was clogged with algae but Milla’s isn’t and it’s just as new). Luckily I had mine from when I had a fish tank so crisis averted.  Chris also had some reports he has due every Sunday so he did those while we worked on the tank so that worked out. Then we had to head down to Clearwater to see my mom and visit friends. We stopped along the way so I could pick out my Mother’s Day gift. Chris surprised me the day before and told me I could buy the neclace I had wanted FOR SO LONG from Tiffany’s!! I was about to cry! 🙂 So I went and picked it up and have only taken it off to sleep and shower since 🙂 We also had to make another stop to pick up my Mom’s M-Day card and Chris let the girls each pick something for me. Riley got me a little charm bracelet with 5 pieces dangling from it, one for each of us she said 🙂 Milla picked out a “Mom” neclace with earrings. We stopped by my mom’s and the girls decided to stay and swim which was nice, gave me a nice little Mother’s Day Break 🙂 We went and visited friends (who happen to make awesome chicken wings! I only love my mom’s so for me to compare them, you KNOW they were good :), picked up the kids and went home. While the girls were with my mom, my brother took them to the store and they each picked out a card for me. This is the first time I ever got a card from “them” :’) They were so good all day, they hardly fought, they had a blast with my mom, they fell asleep in the car on the ride home (well Milla did, Riley almost), Chris wasn’t worried about work all day (or he hid it well)…it was just perfection! 🙂

We took my pregnancy pictures! I was really bummed when a friend of mine had to sell all of her photography equipment before we could schedule my pictures to be done, but my sister Julie came down to visit and since she’s been taking courses and has a nice camera we figured it’d be fun for both of us! We took a bunch of pictures! If/when you see them, I did totally steal some of your ideas (other mommies-to-be) so don’t get mad 🙂 She’s going to work some photoshop magic and send them to me this weekend. I’m really excited about them. From what I saw on the small LCD screen we got some really good ones 🙂

I guess that’s it, I know I started saying I didn’t have much to say but I tend to do this a lot 🙂 A little more than 3 weeks to go until my due date!!

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I decided NOT to go into labor

Yeah, that shit looks painful! I know I’ve done it twice already but I just don’t know about this anymore. Maybe I shouldn’t watch so much TLC 🙂 I used to watch these shows (i.e. Bringing Home Baby, A Baby Story) and cry when the baby was born because we all do, now I start to cry when I see her go into labor 🙂

I don’t think NOT going into labor is an option at this point so I may have to just shut up and deal with it but if I had the choice…

Please God, make this one quick, I SOOOOO earned it after my last two

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Mommy Diaries – 34 weeks

What’s new in baby land you may ask? Maybe you didn’t ask but if you’re reading this then I’m going to tell you anyway… NOTHING! Well not “nothing” but we’re at the boring part, the waiting. All he does for these last 6 weeks is grow and grow and grow and take me along with him. I can (almost) literally see my belly getting bigger. I was so excited at the last doctor appointment when she said I hadn’t gained anymore weight but I HIGHLY doubt I’ll be as lucky this round (next appt on Tues).

I was disappointed to find out we won’t be doing another ultrasound. They say there’s no reason because I’m measuring normal and he appears to already be head down, but I was REALLY hoping for one of those 3D/4D pictures. They didn’t have them when I had the girls and I was excited about it but my doctor is lame and although I kept hinting to make up a reason to request the ultrasound, they didn’t get it (I swear, if we did ever have another kid, I would never use them again).

I’ve been having lots of dull pain and pressure in my pelvis. I feel the pain in my back, my right hip, and my belly. I’m also back to getting headaches almost every day. Lots of braxton-hicks contractions too…I just wish he’d come already!

Meanwhile, everything is set up, well except the dresser which we’re in the process of finding. After that I have to wash his clothes so they smell like baby detergent (I love that) and put them all away (THAT’S a chore!) Other than that, my sister gave me a beautiful crib which Chris and my dad set up, I got all my online orders in so all his nursery stuff is set up too. I managed to put together the pack-n-play and stroller without throwing anything or killing anyone. My dad came over to put the swing together. I had read online reviews that said it was a pain in the ass so I decided not to press my luck by attempting to do it. It’s so cool having all the baby stuff in the house. Seeing it all set up makes it very real!

The Girls
The past few weekends their dad and I have been doing some one on one time with the girls. Last weekend I had Riley and he had Milla, this weekend the opposite. We mostly wanted to do it because of their non-stop fighting! It’s draining. Mostly it’s Riley who’s just over having a little sister I think. She’s inbetween playing with things that Milla likes and doing “older girl” stuff (whatever it is at the moment). Milla just needs the extra attention. So each of them had us to themselves for the weekend. We were hoping they’d realize how much they’d miss each other if they didn’t have one another but no such luck so if nothing else, at least we got some “quality” time with each of them before the baby comes.

I guess that’s it. Until next time…

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Mommy Diaries – 32 weeks

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these.There have been a few new things so I thought I’d catch you all up.
In the beginning of March I had my glucose screening, all prego’s know how fun those are. If you aren’t familiar it’s a test for gestational diabetes. You have to have your blood drawn, then drink this flat orange soda tasting drink (it’s not that bad) and then an hour later have your blood drawn again. If your glucose levels are normal then you’re done, if they’re elevated then you have to come back for the 3 hour test. Well mine were elevated so I had to come back, drink another bottle of that stuff, have my blood drawn 5 times, wait 3 hours. Meanwhile, I’m not be able to eat or drink since midnight the night before (which is near impossible for me anymore it seems). At first I thought the phlebotomist HATED me. She kept saying things like “usually people come in a lot earlier; you DO realize you won’t be able to eat until 2 o’clock pm right?”, “are you sure you haven’t eaten anything because if you’ve eaten ANYTHING I’ll have to start all over again”, “are you sure you’re okay? Are you going to throw up? Because if you throw up I’ll have to start all over again” After repeating several times that I was fine, wasn’t going to throw up, and was fine with not eating, just wanted to get it over with, I was starting to get scared of her and wishing I had just come back when someone else was there, especially after the first blood draw. I have EXTREMELY easy veins to find, I have NEVER had a problem (thank God because I’m not a fan of needles) but she drew it out of my left arm (which they never do on me) and not in the middle but off to the side. I had a huge bruise (which I NEVER get) for a week and a half. Eventually she seemed not to hate me or her job so much and became nice(er). I just don’t think she really wanted to do it but once she realized I wasn’t leaving and had started she just surrendered. The rest was just boring sitting and waiting. Thank God for Karen and our cell phones! She was in another hospital while her daughter was recovering from dehydration (stomach flu) so we kept each other company via text messaging (although she helped me way more than I her). For three hours she went back and forth with me, I love that chick 🙂
The next day I had a doctor appointment. The results from the 2nd glucose test weren’t in so I was already a nervous wreck thinking I may have GD, and then they put me on the scale which was the worst thing to do! You just don’t torture a pregnant woman who’s already near tears more than you have to. My doctor apparently enjoys this 🙂 I had gained another 4lbs (which was not what my Wii Fit said the day before!). It may as well have been 50. So I did what was normal for me, I cried 🙂
The test results came back the next day and I’m fine, thank God! I was really nervous and although I had a friend who dealt with it and had sort of prepared me for “what’s to come” I was relieved to hear that I didn’t have it. Now the only fear I have is the scale. I go back tomorrow to see how much MORE I’ve gained these past two weeks…
That’s the other thing, we’re going to the doctor every two weeks now. At least it means we’re getting close. The last month we’ll go every week.
Yesterday was our baby shower. Karen and Rob hosted it at their house and were gracious enough to let my family and friends invade 🙂 Thank you so much guys! You are awesome! It was really nice. I had my grandparents come down from Alabama, and Lizzie made the same hike also. It was so great to see her, I miss the hell out of that girl! I wish she’d move back but I know why she never will 😉
I posted some pictures (what I had) but I’m still waiting for a few more cameras to come back to me so there will be more. Let me just say, I HATE most of the pics. My friends look great, I look like I need to drop about 40lbs 🙂 Soon soon… 🙂 I post them now so when I do lose all the weight you all can tell me how AMAZING I look 🙂
I did learn one valuable lesson. registering online sucks! Apparently everything I registered for was only available online. Karen managed to find the only thing available in the store. So if your friends and family are last minute shoppers (and most of mine are) don’t expect much from your registry 🙂 However, gift cards are a God send and today I was able to order everything I wanted for Link’s nursery so, Thanks a ton guys! I also got the baby sling I wanted (not to be confused with a “carrier”). My sister turned me onto to these. I never had one with my girls but she had one with her first and once I saw how practical they were (imagine, a mom having the freedom of her hands!!) I swore if I ever had another baby I would have one. So now, thanks to Michele, Mandy, Lisa, and Lizzie, I do! 🙂 We also got a ton of cute onsies, I wish I had taken pictures of them before I packed them up (I have everything packed up until we have the dresser. No use in getting cat hair all over everything), we also got the Bumbo chair which was not around when I had the girls but my sis loved hers. I can’t wait to use it all 🙂
Today was a weepy day. I woke up kindof sad anyway so I decided to counteract it with funny movies, which didn’t work! I started crying for no apparent reason which is not completely unusual for me but God I can’t wait until this is over! Thank God for Chris who just GETS it! I couldn’t do this without him.
So if you’re still reading this then God love you! I know it was long, so thanks for your interest 🙂 If you skipped to this part, well I get that too, but you’ll have no idea where I buried the treasure so go back and read!! 🙂
7 weeks and 6 days until eviction day!! 🙂

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Fishes be runnin’ wild!

Because we don’t seem to have enough animals in the house we let Riley and Milla get fish too. A fish tank I can support though because I love them too. We discovered that the girls fish were lonely (we discovered this when Milla’s first fish tank had to be taken back so we put her fish in Riley’s tank until we replaced it and the fish seemed to enjoy each others company) so yesterday we took the girls back to the store to let them pick out a fish friend.

Above is Milla’s new fish, a fish who has lost the will to live. That or we have decided that her other fish talked him into performing this nearly fatal stunt.  Maybe it was just initiation but here he is below trying to convince the new comer that this trick is perfectly safe

“here, I’ll even give you a boost” he says

Chris was in with Riley looking at her new fish (who couldn’t care less about each other) when he glanced over at Milla’s tank and asked “where’d her other fish go?” At first I paniced thinking we hadn’t gotten it out of the bag (it was a hard time) and that I had thrown him in the trash hours ago, I mean where else could he have gone. Well, I’ll tell you! That suicidal little creature SOMEHOW jumped up through the only opening he could, near the filter. I have no idea how he did it, what’s more amazing is that Chris found him STUCK to the back of Milla’s dresser gasping for air. He picked him up and put him back in the tank. The fish floated for a minute but slowly started coming back to life. he’d swim for a second and then float again, we didn’t think he’d make it the night, but he ended up being fine. i don’t know if the other fish feels guilty but he won’t leave him alone. He’s not being “aggressive” towards him, just up his butt!

I don’t really understand fish mannerisms so I don’t know if he’s being protective, if he’s asserting dominance, or just happy to have a friend, but if that white fish attempts suicide again, I don’t think we’ll be torturing another “friend”. This orange fish obviously has control issues!(obviously the pictures above were taken after we put the fish back in the tank, you can see how the orange fish won’t leave the white one alone)

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Milla and the DS

Did I tell you the story of Milla and her DS? No?!!

I was sitting with the girls the other day, both of them are about to play with their Nintendo DS’s. Milla says to me “Mom, why do I have this big black spot on my screen” My first assumption was that she dropped it and there went the $130 we had paid for it only 3 months earlier (Christmas). Upset I asked her “what happened?!” not really expecting her to answer me or only with the usual “I don’t know”, but she replies…

“it must’ve happened when I bit it”

Mom: “you bit it?!”

Milla: (looking guilty and like maybe she shouldn’t have just said that) “*whisper*yes”

Mom: “why did you bite it?!”

Milla: “because I was mad”

It turns out Milla has inherited a temper and I’m assuming her game didn’t do what she had in her head for it to do and therefore it felt the wrath of her teeth 🙂 LOL I kind of wish I had seen it happen 🙂 This isn’t the first DS infraction, she also bit the tip off a stylus for whatever reason. I guess we should have figured it out then.

Her Punishment:

Even though the bottom screen is perfectly fine, Milla is no longer allowed to play with her DS. She also has to save up her own money to buy herself a new one. However, because she was honest about why it broke and didn’t lie even after she realized she had just gotten herself in trouble we decided to buy from her the games she had bought with her own money. Hopefully she’ll take better care of this one 🙂

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