It’s a Boy!

His name is Korin, he’s about 10 weeks old, fuzzy and white and absoluetely adorable!

Did you think I meant the baby? Silly gooses (yes, I know it’s not “gooses”), it’s way too early to tell the sex of the baby (unfortunately for us). Actually, we’re hopng that by adding the addition of a male cat, we will have affected the sex of the baby. let me explain. We already have two daughters, we also have two female cats. We figure (we hope rather) if we added a male cat to the equation we will result in a male child. Yes, we are prefectly aware bringing home a boy kitty has nothing to do with our child being a boy or girl but it gave us an excuse to take this cute little kitten home 🙂 And if we end up having a girl, at least Chris has one other male in the house (although this kitty is a total moma’s boy 🙂

Playing with Daddy’s keys

Heidi and Mala do not like us right now

but they love to keep in shape with the Wii fit (Mala needs to get on it a bit more though)

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1st Dr visit…yep, I’m pregnant

That was about the highlight of it. It’s amazing that I can say “I missed my period 2 months ago and took two pregnancy tests that came up positive; not to mention I’ve done this twice before so I kinda know what’s going on” and yet it’s still not “confirmed” until I pee on one of their sticks (for $15 for the test and a $45 “specimen handling” fee), but anyhow, I AM pregnant. I’m 8 weeks and due 6/6. Let’s take bets for how far over my due date I’ll go this time, or for how long my labor will last… 🙂

Mom’s out there know what “fun” stuff they do on your first appointment so I’ll spare the men the details and leave it at that.

The midwife I saw seems really bubbly and nice so I like her. It’ll be weird having this baby without the midwife who delievered the girls, I really liked her but change is good (as I’ve experienced the past two years 🙂

We have an ultrasound on Thursday at 3:30. I’m UBER excited about that! I love first pictures, even though it doesn’t look like anything but a gray peanut, still, it’s “our” gray peanut 🙂 I’ll let you guys know how that goes then. For now, we don’t have another appointment until Nov 25.

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“Baby” is the new “Asshole”

…if you’re in preschool anyway. To be called a “baby” in my class MUST be the worst thing that could ever happen because I have kids coming up to me dozens of times a day…(crying mind you) screaming “he called me a cry baby!!” (or a “baby-cry” which I guess is something totally different and FAR WORSE)

Busy busy busy, that’s what I’ve been for the last few weeks. I’m too the point now where even if I had a moment to relax I couldn’t. Last night I just laid on the bed trying to listen to the silence, just to see if I could just lay there and enjoy it, but I fell asleep…

So some things have changed. Starting on Monday I will be changing job titles from “Blue Room teacher” to “school floater”. As COOL as that sounds, no Shawn, I will not ACTUALLY be able to float the school. If you don’t know, it means that I won’t have my own class anymore, instead I’ll be assisting ALL the teachers with ALL the kids when they need me. I admit it sounds like a demotion but I’m really excited about it! It’s less responsibility which means less stress and when I’m less stressed I’m far less the raging bitch I’ve been as of late 😉
You all know by now we FINALLY found and bought a Wii! I’m very excited about the collection of games that we’ve been building I don’t get to play it as often as I like due to a lack of time or energy lately but it’s cool knowing if I want to play it, it’s there!! :). I’m horrible with surprises, which means there was no way I could hold on to the Xbox 360 I’d bought for Chris for his birthday in September, so he has that and the new GTA to block out my evening bitch storms 🙂

Milla graduated pre k and after her “performance” at the ceremony, I’m even MORE terrified to put her on a bus next year! I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. She’s just like me in SOOO many ways, one being that I NEVER like being the center of attention. She’s worse though because once she has said “no” in her mind, that’s IT! I have a feeling Chris will be driving her TO school a lot at first. We’ll make her ride home but it’s not like I could (or WOULD) hand my crying child over to a bus driver (no matter how nice he is). During graduation, there’s a part where the kids come bring mommy a flower, it was that moment when she hugged me and said she didn’t want to do it, she didn’t want to go to kindergarten and was starting to get upset which almost had me in tears…Mommy is going to need A LOT more valium!!

Okay guys, at this point I’m looking at the screen through barely open eyes, why I’m still awake is beyond me. I worked 9-6 and then had a class from 6:30-9 (which I don’t get paid for but am required to take for the “inservice hours” I need every year). At least their dad took the girls tonight, I need the quiet. OH YEAH!! One more thing, my purse fairy came to visit me today with my new Coach purse!! UBER excited about THAT ONE!! 🙂 Unfortunately Aunt Flo was right behind her so that kinda sucked 🙁 , luckily I was still on cloud nine from getting my new bag that I didn’t care 🙂

Well, good night guys. Enjoy your Friday and I’ll do my bestest to enjoy mine 🙂

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I got a puppy!

After several months of whinning about how badly I want a puppy, Chris finally caved 🙂

Her name is Spike (the name wasn’t supposed to stick but I got attached so I decided not to delete her) and she’s so cute! 🙂 Mom, you can appreciate this kind of dog 🙂 This is DEFINITELY the ONLY kind of dog you should own 🙂 (kidding Greg 😉

So actually, this new game was bought for Milla who has been wanting a puppy for a while now too (Riley got the Petz Bunnyz game for the DS because she’s on this big “I want a bunny” kick, and because I have had bunnies in the past and I know how bad they stink and how “not fun” they really are, we figure, next best thing). Unfortunately the girls have been at their dad’s so they haven’t been able to play with their new pets yet so Chris and I have been occupying them 🙂 I personally do not care for the bunny, I don’t think she likes me very much. She says I “frightened” her all the time >:( Like I said, never was a rabbit person, (maybe it’s the breed I picked for mine. Holland flops, not so fun :). The bunnies are more Chris’ pets so far. Spike on the other hand, LOVES me!! 🙂 She doesn’t listen to him so much but she and I have won a couple contests already, I’ve taught her to sit, lay down, roll over, and shake (her paw). That’s all I’m allowed for now, she was tired of learning for tonight 🙂

I can’t bring it to work though, I’d want to spend all my time playing with her 🙂 LOL, I know I’m a nerd and this doesn’t help my virtual reality dependency but give me some credit, I have cut back on my myspace time considerably 🙂

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Do you have OCD?

Each sentence counts as 1.

[X] Money always all face the same direction
[X] You have helped clean someone else’s house.
[X] You are picky about everything (almost everything)
[X] You have wiped off a kids face that wasn’t related to you.
[  ] You have taken three showers in one day at least once.
[X] You “fix” things like photo frames that are sideways.

Total – 5

[X] A tag coming out of someone’s shirt presents a problem to you.
[X] You rock at making lists.
[X] You’re very into details.
[X] You know how to do your own laundry.
[X] If you can’t fix something it drives you nuts.

Total so far – 10

[X] Nothing is wrong with having things alphabetized.
[  ] You count your steps most of the time.
[X] You have to know everything.
[X] Everything has a place.
[X] Untied shoes bug you.

Total so far – 14

[X] If you’re walking through a store and something is off a rack you put it back.
[X] If labels aren’t facing you, you have to fix them so that they do.
[X] Things don’t have to be perfect. They just have to be the right way according to you.
[X] You like vacuuming…it just makes the floor look better.
[X] A cleaning product has blown your mind. (I love Clorox Clean up! 🙂

Total so far: 19

[X] It bothers you when someone moves something out of place.
[X] You have categorized something.
[X] Typos drive you nuts. (I make a ton of them so when I reread what I sent, I hate it)
[  ] You have to touch a certain thing when you pass by it.

Grand Total: – 22

multiply your total by 4……

Repost as I am 88% OCD

Note: I have to add on here that all my “X”s had to be capitalized and the space where I didn’t put one had to line up with the ones I did. I better make that 96%. 🙂

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