Something Odd

I’m not sure if this is worth worrying about this early BUT I noticed something strange on Milla’s homework.

One of her assignments was to cut out these little pictures, and of the 6 that were there she was to take the pictures/words that began with the letter “A” and glue them to this paper tree. She took it upon herself to write the words on the pictures as well (just by copying what was already there), but as I was looking at them, every word she wrote was spelled backwards.

This moring when he dropped her off, Chris asked her teacher about it and they said they were glad she was writing the words at all and asked if she’d had any other schooling before this, implying that she was doing very well for a child her age. Again, she’s only 4 and it’s preschool so I don’t know that this is cause for concern. I know you aren’t supposed to compare children either but I don’t remember Riley EVER writing her words backwards and she started writing her name at age 3.

Whatever it is, I’m not too worried. If it turns out to be dyslexia we’ll get through it, I just don’t know if this is typical preschool behavior (because I only have the one child to compare it too) or if I ought to be worried?

Note: updated 10/12/07

I did some reading on dyslexia and it doesn’t seem like she has it. Besides the writing thing, she understands things/directions (when she wants to) and speaks normally for a child her age.

I also had to remind myself that when Riley started pre K she was 5 (because she missed that stupid/strict Sept 1 cut off) so she was a year ahead of Milla. 

Milla’s handwriting is REALLY good and her coloring is amazing! It was just shocking to see those words written so well, only backwards. They could have been mirror images 🙂 (If I get the paper back I’ll post a copy of it)

Thanks for all your advice and encouragement 🙂

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Diaries of a beaten mommy

Be forwarned, this may not be an interesting read. Even though I have nothing really important or entertaing to say, I’m bored. And even though there’s plenty of stuff I could do around my house, I’m never THAT bored that housework seems like a good alternative! So I have decided to write about what a diva my four year old child is and how peer pressure is already getting to her at such a young school age!

First of all I should start by thanking her this morning because yesterday, the girls spent the night at their dad’s which meant I didn’t have to wake up at 6:45, but I graded homework for Riley’s teacher so I had to meet her at her bus stop anyway to give back the papers for her to turn in. This is why I changed my alarm from 6:15 (because I require several sessions of 10 minute snoozing before I actually emerge from my bed) to 7:20. The funny thing is, last night when I went to bed, I knew to check my alarm because I thought there was a reason I should, so I looked at my phone, saw the alarm was on and was satisified with that, completely forgetting to set it back to the correct time. Anyway, Milla crawled into bed with me and started chatting away about whatever it was she was saying. I heard a few “mommy, I love you”s and I gave out a few “you’d better not pee in my bed”s. When I realized she was abnormally upbeat and energetic for 5am (which is usually when she pops her head in my room) I looked at the clock…SHIT! 7:17!! I have to get Riley up, dressed, feed her breakfast, make her lunch and leave for the bus by 7:35. Luckily for me, Riley woke up at the same time so I was quickly able to bully her into getting dressed fast and not infront of the TV, I had one cereal bar that she could eat on her way to the bus stop and THANK GOD for lunchables! We were ready with time to spare…so again, THANK YOU MILLA (even if she did only wake me up 2 minutes before my alarm, I may have thought it was 6:15 and kept hitting snooze without looking at the time)!

Back to Diva Milla. This is an everyday battle with this child. We start with what she’s going to wear to school. This should not be as hard as it is because she is required to wear a red shirt. The problem is, she has several red Tshirts with the name of her school on it that she could wear with shorts or jeans (which are all way to small for her (ankle wise) but she won’t wear anything that is even slightly too big or touches the bottom of her foot, and you can just FORGET rolling them up…”that’s insane mom, what are you thinking?!!!“) but skirts are her favoritest thing ever! Of course, she can’t wear the skirt she wants with a tshirt *gasp* so she picks this cute little red shirt with no sleeves. Now today (and Chris is going to roll his eyes and laugh at me for saying this) is slightlychilly by hypersensitive and overworriesome FL mother standards so I tell her she has to wear a light jacket, but it covers up her pretty shirt so we have to argue over that. She finally coneeds to TAKE IT WITH HER just in case she GETS cold in the car. Obviously a tactic just to humor her mother and shut her up.

On to her hair, I like her hair in two little pigtails. They’re adorable and her hair is really too short for anyting else, but she likes one pony tail in back because her friends Avery and Shayla wear their hair like that. I took a shot going for the pigtails thinking “she’s in a cute skirt maybe she won’t want her hair “tshirt” style” but NOOOOO!!! I could not have been MORE wrong! This leads to morning meltdown number 2 in our daily routine where she drops to the ground crying about how she wants it her way to which I always says “I’m not doing it!” slam the brush down and walk away only to go back in there two minutes later to see her attempting to do it herself which always melts my icy cold “meanie mommy” heart and I give in and give her what she wants. What pissed me off today was that I brushed her hair all up to make her one pony tail, and she says “I wanted two…” UGH!!!! I yell, “YOU’RE GETTING ONE!” and we were fine after that…

Oh my God, that little brat used reverse psychology on me and I totally fell for it!! Damn…she’s good! Fuck…*throws hands up in defeat* I’m screwed!!

We spent the rest of the morning playing Monkey Ball until she had to leave for school. At this time I am rewarded with hugs and kisses and I loves you for being such a wonderful, tolerant, “soft” (is another adjective she likes to use to describe me), and the obviouslyeasily manipulated mommy that I am, but only after I have to yell to her as she’s running out the door “uh…hello?!! Hugs?!”

and she’s not even a teenager yet…*le sigh*

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This is is why I hate Debt Collectors

Like many people, after my ex and I separated, I went into debt. His credit was ruined long before he even met me so to him, this was no big deal, but to me, who makes little income at all, this is huge.

Obviously, I’m not paying my creditors off, which sucks because I would love too. I hate avoiding phone calls and just filing collection letters away unopened, but that’s the reality right now.

So today (and remind me to thank my !@#$ ex for giving out my cell phone number to said creditor) I get a call from an unusually nice collector who says she’ll work this payment arrangement out with me yada yada yada, you know, like they always do, and I figure if it’s reasonable enough and I can get this debt paid off then fine I’ll do it. Well, it’s a $600+ bill (once they knock off interest, late fees, etc) which she says she can divide it into 2 payments, I say I could probably do 3, so she sends my call to her manager or whatever for approval and he says he can only do the $600 if I pay it off in ONE payment but if I need to do 3 it’ll be a slightly higher payment, I ask how much higher he says $900+. Okay genius, if I can’t afford to pay you the $300 a month in order to pay off a $600 debt, what on Earth makes you think I’ll pay you $300 a month to pay off a $900 debt? So I did the usual “Let me work some things out and you give me a call back another day” just to hang up and then when he calls I just won’t answer the phone.

Yeah it sucks, but you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip right? (thanks mom for that useful phrase 🙂

That wasn’t even the worst part. I tell him I’m on a fixed income and not receiving child support. If it’s matter of feeding my kids or paying off a creditor, I think it’s pretty obvious who isn’t getting paid. So he asks me what I do for a living that my income is so little, I say I’m on disability because of my eyes, he says “oh well I’m legally blind too” or something, he didn’t actually say what was wrong with his eyes, just “me too” but that he didn’t even realize he would qualify for social security. This went on for a bit, like he was trying to catch me lying or something. I had to resist the urge to call him a “dumbass” and just said “I don’t know, my mom signed me up for it when I was 15”. So he asks me, “why does this keep you from working?” I say, it doesn’t, I’ve always worked and when my kids are both in school full time I will again. It’s just, his whole undertone was very condescending and I hate that! Don’t make me feel like a stereotypical welfare case because I’m not. I can’t stand this inferior mentality towards stay home mom’s.

Note: I have nothing against parents who need and are on welfare. I do have an issue with it if you never have an intention of getting off of it.

Anyway, !@#$ him, because something would have been better than nothing and nothing is all they’re getting, especially now. I hope he enjoys his high profile and well respected job as head bill collector. I’m sure he feels very fulfilled.

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Hey guys! I’m home alone and bored and it’s been a while since I posted a senseless blog so one’s due 🙂

I’m sure you’ve read my relentless bulletin’s about how much not having air conditioning has sucked, but as of tomorrow that will be over. I dealt with it from Tuesday night until Friday morning. The nights weren’t so bad. We dealt with it by having my ex keep the girls over night and Chris and I would lay on the living room floor with all the fans facing us, and if that wasn’t enough, he’d rub ice all over me which worked VERY well! 🙂

The days sucked though!! I don’t think it ever got hotter than 96 in the house, but it was all shut up. There are no screens on the windows so with the cats inside and bugs outside, I couldn’t open windows or doors. We opened the back door during the evening but couldn’t leave it open all night.

Friday I went to my dad’s house and hung out with my sister all day and then over the weekend a friend of mine went out of town and let us use her house while she was gone.

It’s been a fun weekend. We increased our DVD collection adding old cartoons from our childhood to the library. We had lunch with my mom, sisters and brother for my mom’s bday, we saw Transformers at the IMAX theatre, and just had a REALLY good, relaxing weekend.

So how was your weekend?

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School Bus Accident

I waited at Riley’s bus stop 15 minutes past it’s usual arrival time before I called the school and found out there had been an accident (poor Milla had to pee so bad, I eventually had to take her behind a neighbor’s tree to go…sorry neighbor). I didn’t panic because the woman I talked to said everyone was okay. They told me that they were sending another bus out there to pick up the students to drop them off at their stops.

I have no idea what happened, who’s fault it was, or how the drivers of the other cars are. Riley said the light was green when the bus went through it but the car hit the bus and the car behind it hit the car.

Riley’s ok, physically anyway. She looked sad when she got off the bus but she said she was okay. Once we got home though she started crying REALLY hard. This is her first car accident EVER, and not to have her family with her had to be scary as hell for her! She’s okay now, fighting with her sister as usual. I decided to give her a homework break tonight so that she could relax. I can tell she’s stressed though…

To top off this shit day, the AC in our house may be going 🙁 It’s not blowing cold air and it was working fine this morning…

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Body Art with the kids

For fun, the girls like getting new paint tattoos… be nice, I’m not pro and keep in mind, my canvas is constantly moving 🙂



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This is what I KNOW about “me”

I am a daughter, a step daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a niece, an aunt, and a friend.

I’m “mom” to two beautiful daughters who are growing up way too fast, and making me feel very old in the process.

I’m 30 but I feel closer to 40.

I stopped going to college after my second semester to have my baby.

I would love to be a graphic artist but lately I only use my artistic talent to draw stick pictures and amuse the kids.

I believe in karma. Honestly, it’s the main reason I’m as nice to people as I am.

I broke my myspace addiction, but I miss talking to my myspace friends everyday.

I’m now addicted to Nintendo.

I have an amazing boyfriend, who took on more than he probably ever imagined, but he’s trying. Sometimes I forget that the things I’m used to, he isn’t…and vice versa.

Sometimes I say really smart things.

Sometimes I say really stupid things.

I think my kids are the most beautiful when they first wake up in the moring. They have the most beautiful eyes.

I can not type! But I do it fast.

I keep my house meticulously organized because it’s the only thing I have any control over.

I want to be the woman my kids think I am.

I love to drink, but I know my limits. It’s no fun dealing with a screaming kid with a hang over (you’d be surprised at how long it took me to stop doing it).

I’m braver than I give myself credit for, and weaker than I care to admit.

I wish I still told stories and had thoughts with the same passion that my kids do.

I hate to be sad. I’m scared to death of being happy.

I’m afraid if I love anything too much, it’ll go away.

I’ve had my heart broken too many times, but it’s gotten stronger and harder to break every time.

I used to think it was easier to walk away then stay and fight, which is why I never stuck up for myself. Now I over analyze everything and try to figure out how I’m getting “screwed” in all of it.

I want to be in love for the first time again. It’s the only time in your life you trust someone without a doubt…and then they break your heart. You’ll love again, but it’s never the same.

I want my kids to be innocent forever, but I know they will have to experience pain and heart break to become the women that I want them to be.

I want to be strong enough not to believe the bad things that are said about me. Some days, I’m not.

I want to be confident enough to believe the good things that are said about me. Some days, I’m not.

I want to believe I trust people until they give me a reason not to, but I don’t.

I wish I was as honest as my kids are, except when they lie…

I believe in a higher power, but I don’t know if I believe in a “book” written by “men” who say “God” spoke to them. I’ve been lied to by men before…

I have no idea where we go after we die and I don’t know what to tell my kids when they ask if we go to heaven. So I lie and say “yes”. Everyone wants to believe in a happy ending.

I feel guilty about everything.

I wish I could absorb the pain for people that I love.

Real monsters scare me. I hate to think what they are capable of.

My nephews wake up too early!!

I want more money!

I am deathly afraid of cockroaches!

For every one of my ex’s, there is at least one reason that I’m glad they were in my life.

My true friends, are the greatest people on Earth.

I miss RJ.

I miss Isaac, but I don’t think he knows it, or even cares.

Shawn saves me from myself.

Mine and Amy’s lives mimic each other’s.

My only regret is putting myself into a position that caused me to make a decision I will have to live with for the rest of my life. I still don’t know if I made the right choice…

I can be really lazy.

I’m tired.

I love my cats because they don’t need attention constantly.

Some days I want to be taken care of. Some days I want to be left alone. I want people to know the difference on those days.

I want people to read my mind so I don’t have to say what I feel like they should know.

I hate suspense!

I love little gestures that mean “I thought of you”.

Sometimes, I need a “mommy” time-out!

I wish I didn’t cuss so damn much!

I wish I knew “then” the things I know “now”

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