Damn roadblocks!

I’ve been trying to get back into school for a while now. There was NOTHING I was interested in in Spring Hill bc schools were so limited there, and with my inability to drive, my options were even fewer. That was a BIG motivation in my move back to Pinellas.

I’ve been working with Vocation Rehab (for those who aren’t familiar they help people with disabilities and those who have been hurt on the job, recover and retrain so that they can go back to work). I had an AWESOME case worker in Spring Hill but when I moved here, he obviously had to transfer me to the people here.

Now, I’m going to be nice here bc she really is a very sweet older lady BUT God help me please!! We talked for a little while a few weeks back and all went well, she introduced me to one of the Counselors over at PTEC whom I REALLY hit it off with. We started talking about things I’m interested in (careers to pursure) and we got on the subject of Graphic Art. Now both the counselor and I are all excited and we’re ready to sign me up, but my VR lady is like “wait wait wait, we at VR want to make sure that the disability won’t effect the training blah, blah, blah” (meaning, are my eyes going to get worse?) I tried and tried to explain, no more than anyone elses but she didn’t seem sure, for a second there I think she even got offended which I had to smooth over. She was going off what my other case worker had approved which was “Office managment,” NOT my thing, but bc of how limited resources were there in Spring Hell and the fact that I could help my ex from home, it was what seemed beneficial at the time, now that I have more flexibility, my horizones are broad…but she was tryig to bottle them up again!!

GRRRRR…back off lady! I’ve had people telling me what to do my whole freakin’ life!!

Anyway, she was supposed to do all these ammendments, get back to me. I was suppoosed to call her two weeks ago, I did she never called me back, I called her a few days ago, never called me back, I called her today, FINALLY she calls back to tell me she’s retireing!! *banging head on table*

Now I have to meet my “new” new case worker next week and start all over! So AGAIN, I HOPE to be in school by January! Man, if they awarded points…no wait, MONEY, if they awarded MONEY  for “trying” I’d be filthy fucking rich!!!

OOOH and let me not forget, my drug test!! I wrote down the damn meds I’m on but they had to call me and confirm I am on them, what the prescription numbers are, who the pharmacy was, who my doctor is, on and on and on…all this to go sweat my ass off in a warehouse!! So on the job issue, HOPEFULLY Monday, if not, Thursday!! Ugh…

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Seaworld with my babies

So my week in Spring Hill is over. It was fun though…

I got the girls Tuesday morning and it just worked out that I got to keep them the rest of the week. Riley had no school on Friday or Monday (tomorrow) so I get to keep them until then. I had agreed to bring them home in exchange for keeping them the extra day, but as it..turns out, he has an appt down this way anyway so he’s going to pick them up after all.

Today we went to Sea World, something I’d been wanting to do with them forever! The last time we went, Milla was still in utero. It’s better to go when they’re young and they still “ohhh” and “ahhh” over dolphins and stuff, but have you been lately? What the hell happened to that place? Has humanity gotten SO bad?!..When I went as a kid, we could touch and feed the sting rays and the dolphins, now there are fences around everything! Even..the Shamu show when I was younger, it seemed like it was an hour long, and they did all kinds of crazy jumps and flips, and when they say “the soak zone” they meant it! The girls didn’t even get a little wet!..AND the show was only 15 mintues. The best they did was swim with the trainer on their nose and even that seemed ill prepared. The original Shamu would flip over in his grave!!

Still, we had lots of fun. The girls got the most use out of the kid zone (the best idea any of the parks put in), and we have the best picture of..Riley’s face on..the kid’s Shamu Rollercoaster ride. It’s the perfect combination of fear and excitement all in one (Thanks Pawpaw). I have pictures but for some reason my computer program for uploading them isn’t coming up and I’m too tired to try to figure it out tonight…

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

(thanks for the pic mom 🙂

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WTF Nutrisystem?

I just saw a commercial for Nutrisystem. A woman on there is all excited because now she’s a size 2…well good for her, but a SIZE 2?! It’s no longer acceptable to be a size 6 (a goal I’m still trying to achieve, not as easy after 2 kids)? If you’re on that diet program anyway, doubtful you started out a 6, you were probably in the double digits somewhere…you’d be happy to buy a size 9!

That is so frustrating. Most of the female population is already suffering some sort of eating disorder, distorted body image, or just self loathing due to her weight, even if there is NOTHING wrong with her, simply because of commercials like this. I’m not usually such a feminist but enough is enough. I’ll be happy to be back in prepregnancy shape before I turn…well I’d say 30 but that doesn’t leave me much time, so before 31 :). I started 5’5″, 116lbs, and a size 6/7. Now, I don’t weigh myself because that’ll mess you all up too, but I’m back in prepreg jeans and I’m happy with that. I’m sick of commercials that endorse this mentallity that a woman has to be 5’10”, 110lbs, and only eat salads…

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Thank God for neighbors w/ Kids!!

The girls met their first Clearwater neighbor/friend. She’s Milla’s age which is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Milla is so happy to have a friend HER age and not just be tagging along with her sister. They only played about 20 min before she had to leave (should have gone over sooner) but at least it was a good trial at how well they’ll get along. Plus, they brought over a movie the kids haven’t seen yet (if you can believe it)

Not that I don’t LOVE every second that the girls are here; I just don’t want to play house every second of it. For some reason, it’s not AS fun for me as it is them… God, does that make me awful? I do it of course bc they want ALL my attention but still…it’s nice to let the kids “play” mommy nicely together while I just BE mommy in the other room. I’m all about coloring, drawing, board games, but if I have to drink out of one more baby bottle!! 🙂 They love it though and how can I resist those little faces?!

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