Christmas Lists 2012

It’s that time of year again everyone! If you were having trouble thinking what to get the kids this year, here are the kids’ Christmas Wish Lists.

Riley is really into her video games this year, especially Minecraft and The Sims3. Her favorite color is green and she’s into anything Paris related!

Milla loves dragons, and purple and black are her favorite colors.

Link is REALLY into LEGOS and Superheros (in case you hadn’t heard). He wears 3T pants, 4T shirts, and size 8 shoes.

(Buying the girls clothes is tricky, especially online. They wear different sizes depending on the cut of the jeans. Milla wants a pair of boots so bad she can taste it, but I have no idea her shoe size (I’ll update this when she gets home). If you want to buy them clothes, which they need, Old Navy (it’s their favorite store for jeans), or Payless or Shoe Carnival gift cards would work best.)

Thanks so much guys for thinking of the kids! I hope this helps.

YouTube Channel

Hey guys, it’s me again. So much for writing every day huh? I came to a few conclusions. One, I can’t write every day, I tried for a few days in a row and all I accomplished was writers block. Second, I can’t NOT write about my kids and mom life. I know I said I would try not to, and I know it doesn’t interest all of you and I admit sometimes talking about the consistency of my son’s bowel movements just isn’t appealing, but the truth is, I AM a mom and that’s what I have to write about.

Now that that’s all out in the open (exhale big sigh of relief), I’d like to let you in on our latest family project. As you know, we’re a family completely addicted to gaming, Minecraft in particular. Some of you don’t know what that is, some of you couldn’t care less about it, and some love it as much as we do. If you’re in the first or last group we’d like to invite you to check out our new LeMorrisFamily youtube channel where we will be posting some of our Let’s Plays. The videos and editing will get better over time, especially now that this has become my new hobby. We currently have 3 playlists started…

(with a possible “Chris and Milla” adventure coming soon).

Uploading is SLOW! So not all the videos are up yet. We may eventually get into recording Xbox and Wii (and there’s talk that “somebody” may be getting a PS3 for her birthday next month…shhh) Let’s Plays too since there is no less family drama on either of those consoles (and let’s be honest, no one watches this stuff to see everyone getting along!) . It would also mean we’d be able to capture Link playing some of his favorite titles and I know you’d all LOVE to see those, the kid is too good 🙂 We’re hoping to eventually be able to invite more people on our server and make it more of a community. Those are all plans for the future, but it’s nice to be excited about it. For now though, you’ll have to settle for some “Forced Family Fun From Five Fantastic Floridians”.


 Now that the kids are all in school, I really need to find something productive to do with my time (read: fun that doesn’t involve cleaning and/or laundry). I do love to write when I have a spare moment to think without being interrupted by a child, and since my last blog is from MONTHS ago you can see I don’t get that time very often. Until now that is. So I’m going to make an attempt to write something every day. Whether I post it or not is undecided, but if I do I promise to write about things other than just my kids…or at least attempt to 🙂 Maybe you’ll read them, maybe not. Maybe you’ll like them, maybe not, but they’re more for me anyway, and if I keep doing it every day I’ll get better, and isn’t that the point?

So as I was walking the dog this morning I started thinking of what to write about today and realized I have the most random thoughts when I’m exercising alone. I used to walk evenings with my friend Arce, but since the time changes with elementary schools, our evening family routine has been disrupted and I found myself canceling our walks more than going on them. She decided to start an exercise class with another friend and I vowed to myself that I’d walk in the mornings which better fits my schedule (oh the lies we tell ourselves). That’s when I discovered the two crazy b*tches that live inside me and how much they hate each other. One is fat and the other skinny and they can’t agree on anything! Fat Girl is sitting around, sucking down a mocha frap from Starbucks while Skinny Girl is just happy she got her counterparts fat a** off the couch to get at least one mile in today. Ugh, I totally suck at this! I hate motivating myself, I LIKE to be lazy and eat potato chips by the bag while watching mindless TV, but…I want to be thin and fit too. So until they come up with a magic pill that makes you skinny overnight, I have to sit here with that nagging, skinny, she devil giving me what my kids have dubbed “the evil eye” while reminding me how tight my jeans are getting and how I’d have a lot more clothes if I fit into them like I used to. God, I hate her! Too bad she only weighs 70lbs because Fat girl just pushes her to the side on her way to the kitchen. I wish she’d take over and get my ass in shape. “Round is a shape” Fat girl says with a mouth full of cookies. Meanwhile Skinny girl is running laps around the house as she goes from room to room cleaning and dusting with a happy smile on her stupid face that makes both Fat girl and me want to slap her! We keep giving each other that “let’s duct tape her up and throw her in a closet” look but neither of us will get up to find the duct tape and no one really wants to chase her down either. I’d just let her go do her thing if it really meant the house was getting clean but no, only in my head, which means after exhausting myself just watching her do all those things, now I have to get up and make them a reality. I REALLY hate her. And fat girl just laughs at me because we all know SHE isn’t going to do it. I hate her too!

Am I really THIS lazy? Not always. Yesterday I did all the laundry, even put it away…the SAME DAY! Yay me! I also picked up the house, cleaned the kids’ bathroom, Link’s room and play room, and hung up the girls’ shirts (God knows they won’t and I’ll end up rewashing them). And even though I wrote this, when I’m finished I’ll go clean the kitchen, make Link’s bed and fold up my blankets, and pick up the rest of the house just in time for Link to need to be picked up. I guess the part of me that isn’t the Fat B*tch or the Skinny B*tch, just wants a reason to b*tch. We’ll call her the PMS B*tch. You may ask,  “is there a part of you that isn’t a b*tch?” but the four of us will just look from one to the other confused, and in unison we’ll agree on this one thing… If there is, we haven’t met her yet.

“Link wan go to school too”

I’ve been a stay home mom for each of my kids from birth until age 4 when they were old enough for VPK (voluntary pre kindergarten). It hasn’t always been fun, but if I had the financial stability of being a stay home mom and avoiding outside influence at such a young age then I believe the sacrifices are worth it.


However, as a stay home mom, I always had a problem socializing my kids. When the girls were younger, we lived in an apartment complex in Pinellas county where there was a pool and playground on site and always filled with kids their ages. Also, twice a week we went to circle time at a nearby library. Being “nearby” (meaning “walking distance”) is very important for a mom who can’t drive. Unfortunately, when we moved to Spring Hill all that was gone. We rented a house in a neighborhood filled with kids, and even though they were nice, they were much older than my daughters. It wasn’t until a year later when my sister moved close by with her sons (my daughters ages) that they regularly began socializing. Riley was nearly 4 before she could talk so that everyone could understand her. Still, it’s one thing to take them to a park or social group and another thing entirely to leave them at a preschool class without you where there may be kids who are not being taught the same things you feel are important (I’m being as nice as I can here).


Now that the girls are older and settling into elementary school (almost middle school) life, they’ve become less of a concern. My problem now is our younger son Link. I have a couple friends with little kids his age, but their busy work schedules and “life” in general makes it difficult for us to get together. Mostly we see each others little ones via facebook, and even though Link absolutely LOVES watching videos of the kids, there’s clearly no interaction. Evidently being a SAHM is also a rare thing in my area. I only know of one other stay home mom (with a pre school aged child), but her daughter is just an infant, and while age won’t matter a year from now, I wouldn’t necessarily call it “socializing”.


This brings me to my point. Link goes with his dad to drop the girls off at school each morning, and lately when he comes home he’s begging through tears that he wants to go to school too. I know he doesn’t totally get that going to school means mommy and daddy won’t be there, boobies will DEFINITELY not be at there (that’s on the pro side I admit), and he won’t be attending the same school as his sisters (I believe he thinks he will be), but we’re sort of toying with the idea of signing him up for a few hours a day at a local preschool just to get some social interaction and maybe a little “mommy/daddy seperation” (if you’ve heard us talk you know there isn’t much of that).


While Chris is encouraging the idea, I’m on the fence. Sure I see the upside, a social environment may entice Link to want to potty train, improve language development, and learn how to better interact with other kids (plus they make the cutest little kid holiday crafts in preschools). He’ll also learn that just because mom and dad aren’t there doesn’t mean they won’t come back, and most importantly, he actually wants to go. I’m afraid if I discourage him he may never want to go. The downside is that I’ve worked in a preschool before and no matter what kind of school it is, you are going to have all different personality types there. I’ve seen some of the sweetest little kids come in and within months pick up the bad habits they learned from other kids. I’m not saying my kids are perfect, sometimes they drive me down right bat sh*t crazy, but they are usually well mannered and behave in public, and I have often said “nothing makes you appreciate your own more than working with other peoples kids”. Of course not all kids in preschool are “bad influences”, I’ve met some of the sweetest little ones ever while working at the school I did, and I would love for Link to have friends like them to play with and learn from. I’m just torn, maybe a little heartbroken. I accept that maybe “I’m” not ready for him to go to school yet. You only get a handful of years with your little ones and I’d hate to waste those with him in a preschool if it wasn’t totally necessary.


I could be totally jumping the gun here. We could go look at a school tomorrow and the second we walk out the door he could freak out and change his mind, and more than likely he will, they ALL do. So at that point, do we commit to it knowing after a few weeks he’ll get into a routine and perhaps even look forward to it, or do we yank him out and try again in VPK?


Ugh…decisions decisions. Being the parent SUCKS

2011 Year in Review

It seems everyone is doing their New Years posts so I may as well, I haven’t written anything new in a while anyway.

With the major vehicle repair in 2010 (replaced the motor), we spent most of that year struggling to get caught up. We were quite anxious to welcome 2011 and the fresh start it would bring.

Most of this past year has been smooth sailing, maybe a little too smooth. Here we were sitting on our high horse not understanding some of the choices people around us were making. We’d gotten cocky, and the worst part about that is that I know better. Karma is ALWAYS watching me and if she thinks I’m even a little too full of sh*t she slaps me hard with a dose of reality…and she did.

As you know, in September my husband quit his job to start his own business. It’s no secret I was nervous but he had lots of leads and the experience neccessary so I chalked it up to just not liking the whole idea of “owning your own business”. I prefer the stability over the independence. Well, needless to say it didn’t work out. Not that it couldn’t have but with his being the primary income, 3 kids (and pets) to feed, and all the monthly bills, we couldn’t afford to wait for it to take off. Add to that the holidays when people aren’t doing much business at all (except in retail) and the fact that my husband is NO salesman (which happens to be one of the things I love about him) you can imagine how little was coming in. We decided to give it 2 months and as long as he was at least making what we had to pay out each month then we’d consider it a success. But those months went by, and then another one too. All the leads fizzled out. I had to apply for assistance and medicaid for the kids, and had it not been for the help of family and a neighbor who hooked us up with her church, the kids may not have had a Christmas. It’s been a humbling experience. If there’s anything I can take from 2011 it is that, I needed to learn that we’re not better than anyone else and need to remember that before passing judgement.

2012 has potential. Chris is starting out the year with a second interview with a local company and if that doesn’t work out he’s submitted a dozen or so other resumés and applications, hopefully ONE of those will result in something good soon. In the meantime, I’ve been spending time with the kiddies who have been gems during this whole experience. They’re not begging for new toys like before, they aren’t whining over dinners they “don’t like” like they were. They seem to have matured because of this and I couldn’t be happier with the young ladies they’ve become (they still fight with each other though, we can’t expect miracles). Not to say they’re being tortured! They still have more than enough entertainment around here! The Zelda torch has been passed on to Riley who is eating it up. I think she’s enjoying being the “game master” of the house nowadays. Milla is all about all the sewing stuff she got for Christmas, maybe she’ll get good enough to start making us clothes…we may need it (just kidding!). It’s nice to see her with a passion for something that didn’t come off the wake of her sister’s hobbies. Link is talking up a storm! He was so excited about Christmas that for sanity’s sake we couldn’t put any presents under the tree until the last minute because he was unable to ignore them, and forget patience! That is not a word in his vocabulary! He was so excited Christmas Eve that he woke up at 1am and stayed awake until 8am! We had agreed to sleep in until 7 but by 5:30 I was telling daddy to get up because I couldn’t take it anymore 🙂

All in all it’s been a great year. I wish it had ended on the same high note it started on, but I doubt any of us would have appreciated it. I’m all about life lessons. Sometimes you believe you’re a good person who always does the right thing and then you get a glimpse of your reflection and even though you aren’t “bad” you can still be better. I always aim to be better. So thanks 2011 for all the lessons I’ve learned, the family I feel a deeper connection to, new friends I’ve made, and Cross Point Church for ALL you did.

Happy New Year everyone! Party like it’s your last New Year’s ever (because according to the Mayans, it just might be ;))

No big deal

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. It’s early (6am), but I’ve been up since 2. The girls are with their dad and Link’s finally asleep again so as long as the sounds of me hitting the keys on the keyboard don’t wake him up then I’ve finally got some time. Fair warning, this is a “catch you up” blog, not much excitement, it’s just honest.

Halloween was good. Riley was a clown/jester and Milla attempted to be “Death” but the hood was too hot (one downfall of Florida weather, Halloween is usually pretty humid). In typical toddler fashion, Link threw a fit when it came to costumes and did not dress up for the second year in a row. Instead we put a white t shirt on him that read “I’m 2, that’s scary enough!!” He did love trick-or-treating though! He was running with the rest of the kids saying “there’s one” to each house we passed. He’d get to the door and say “tick-a-teet” and “di du (thank you)” Total cuteness overload! The kids burnt out early though so we were done by 8 o’clock. Chris, who had been in Maine to spin at Scaryland 3, had gotten on the first flight back home and made it literally just in time for the girls’ Halloween parade at school (he’s so awesome!), he wasn’t complaining for the early night (after a weekend along with the 3 kids, neither was I).

When Chris was gone that weekend, the kids and I spent a couple nights at my mom’s. While there my sister Mandy, who volunteer’s at The Clearwater Marine Aquarium got us in so we could see Winter the Dolphin. Milla was so excited, it’s all she talked about ALL WEEK! Every day I heard “how many more days until we get to see Winter?” I really have to learn not to tell her we’re doing anything until we’re on our way. It’s a small aquarium (but all the hype from the movie is allowing some major renovations) so we weren’t fighting crowds to see the animals. They even have the sting ray touch tank which was one of the things Sea World used to do but don’t anymore (there’s always those a**holes who do something malicious to the animals and ruin it for everyone else). Of course now that they’re upgrading the same thing will probably happen here and they’ll abolish that too. Mandy said on a normal Saturday the aquarium would see about 200 people, since the release of the movie the numbers are around 2,000! Glad we got to see it when we did.

My birthday was this past Saturday (the 19th). It wasn’t a big deal meaning we didn’t do anything, but I got some pretty rad gifts! Chris had bought me my cell phone months earlier because I am way to impatient to actually wait for my birthday. My dad is a great craftsman (he’d probably say “not ‘great'” but the family would disagree) so he made me some shadow boxes to take up some space on my enormous yet naked walls. My mom and step dad bought me my first Coach purse! I’ve had a few “designer imitation” ones so it feels really good to finally have a REAL one, and every girl deserves at least ONE nice purse right? I got a few other things, my mother in law sent me a gift card (which was so nice of her) and my sister bought me a bottle of wine and a “Mommy’s Little Helper” wine glass which always comes in handy, and at least 70 (yes i counted them) “Happy Birthday’s” on my facebook. You know, you think those things aren’t important but just that one little gesture, that takes a few seconds from your day, can really make someone feel special (I say to the other 100+ “friends” I have on there who did NOT say it to me, but whatever…I ain’t mad :))

I’ve been trying to help a friend of mine with her pot belly pig rescue by running her twitter feed, but Link and I have been sick the past week or so. Just a cold but I haven’t been very motivated to do anything. But if you’re on twitter please follow her @GoodKarmaRescue and help get the word out, She’s starting virtual adoptions and could really use the donations and support. I admire anyone with the resources to help unwanted and/or abused animals, and while she definitely has the land, most of the financial burden is on her family so like I said, any and all donations help!

So that’s all the “up” stuff. The downside is, the new business isn’t taking off like we hoped and money is tight. I’m honestly so sick of stressing about it! All I keep thinking about is Christmas and whether or not we’ll even be able to afford one this year. Chris of course says not to worry and he’ll come up with something and he always does, but you can’t tell that to my anxiety… because it doesn’t have any ears to hear you. Meanwhile the girls keep adding to their wish lists and I’m just hoping we’ll be able to get them something. “Woe is me” right? This isn’t a pity party, just venting.

Also, the phone I love and that I got for my birthday, fell out of my hands and onto my driveway a couple weeks ago. Now the glass is all cracked. The phone still works (as Riley discovered) but it looks awful 🙁 I cried! Like a little girl who just heard her puppy died. I know I know, “first world pains”, but I think it hit me so hard because with all our other financial obligations, fixing a phone that broke because of my carelessness was just not something we needed added to the list. *Le sigh*

Oh and our washing machine started making a weird noise  and our vacuum stopped working…fun times! 🙂

I did go job hunting, which sucked. Turns out we’re in a recession, did you hear? And apparently everyone who got fired or laid off from their high paying corporate jobs took all the retail ones that I am qualified for! Being a stay home mom with no college degree or technical achievements, I’m not exactly reeling in the offers. So seriously, my blog needs to take off and make me rich so we can live off it…you think? Who doesn’t want to hear the rantings of a stressed out mom/housewife??? 🙂 Obviously I didn’t get any call backs and I would have started calling them but recruiters started calling Chris and I didn’t want to get a job I’d have to quit if he got one that paid better, but those didn’t work out either so… “pssssstttttt”

I don’t think I appreciated how good we had it. I mean I did always appreciate it, but I feel like I took it for granted too. Now I know we don’t have to go blow $500+ in a weekend to cure boredom, and the kids don’t need a new toy every time we go somewhere…I do miss eating out though. Maybe we needed this slump so that when it’s over we don’t forget that we don’t have it bad.

I guess that’s it. I hear Link stirring around which means he’ll be up soon. If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading!

Link’s Christmas List

Thanks for checking out Link’s holiday wishlist. We’re all really excited about Christmas this year, and hoping Link won’t remove all the ornaments from the bottom half of the tree again.

Lately Link’s been all about Pixar! We have most of (if not all of) the movies so we’re about the toys now. He loves reenacting. Cars, Toys Story and The Incredibles are among his favorites. You can always find lots of stuff at your local Disney Store.

He’s still into matchbox cars, construction vehicles, and AIRPLANES!

We’re fortunate enough to get clothes handed down to us from my nephew so Link’s pretty goo on clothes except for jeans, but if you see an outfit you just can’t resist, here are his sizes too:

shirts: 3T
pants: jeans or cargo 24 months
shoes: 6-7

Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Milla’s Christmas List

Thanks for checking out Milla’s wishlist for the holidays.

Milla’s latest thing is her Monster High Dolls. It may look like she’s requesting the same one over and over but they’re different dets (i.e., Dawn of the Dance, Fearleading), you may not understand the crze but she’s obsessed 🙂

She’s also really into sewing and creating outfits for her dolls and stuffed toys. We hope to get her a sewing machine.

If clothes are more your interest Milla could use jeans! She’s so hard on her pants, especially the knees! Skinny jeans are her thing too.

Shirt: size small (or 6 or 6x )
Pants: skinny jeans size 7-8
Shoes: (I’ll have to get back to you)

Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Riley’s Christmas List

Thanks for your interest in Riley’s wishlist for the holidays. She’s growing up and out of the “toy” phase as you can see. her primary interests lately are computer games, and the toys she is still into usually give her added points or rewards for those games.

She’s really into clothes and shoes now. Skinny jeans are her favorite, and she loves boots.

Shirts: size medium (or 8 )
Pants:  skinny jeans size 10
Shoes: size 6

Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!