Christmas Lists 2012

It’s that time of year again everyone! If you were having trouble thinking what to get the kids this year, here are the kids’ Christmas Wish Lists.

Riley is really into her video games this year, especially Minecraft and The Sims3. Her favorite color is green and she’s into anything Paris related!

Milla loves dragons, and purple and black are her favorite colors.

Link is REALLY into LEGOS and Superheros (in case you hadn’t heard). He wears 3T pants, 4T shirts, and size 8 shoes.

(Buying the girls clothes is tricky, especially online. They wear different sizes depending on the cut of the jeans. Milla wants a pair of boots so bad she can taste it, but I have no idea her shoe size (I’ll update this when she gets home). If you want to buy them clothes, which they need, Old Navy (it’s their favorite store for jeans), or Payless or Shoe Carnival gift cards would work best.)

Thanks so much guys for thinking of the kids! I hope this helps.

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