No big deal

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. It’s early (6am), but I’ve been up since 2. The girls are with their dad and Link’s finally asleep again so as long as the sounds of me hitting the keys on the keyboard don’t wake him up then I’ve finally got some time. Fair warning, this is a “catch you up” blog, not much excitement, it’s just honest.

Halloween was good. Riley was a clown/jester and Milla attempted to be “Death” but the hood was too hot (one downfall of Florida weather, Halloween is usually pretty humid). In typical toddler fashion, Link threw a fit when it came to costumes and did not dress up for the second year in a row. Instead we put a white t shirt on him that read “I’m 2, that’s scary enough!!” He did love trick-or-treating though! He was running with the rest of the kids saying “there’s one” to each house we passed. He’d get to the door and say “tick-a-teet” and “di du (thank you)” Total cuteness overload! The kids burnt out early though so we were done by 8 o’clock. Chris, who had been in Maine to spin at Scaryland 3, had gotten on the first flight back home and made it literally just in time for the girls’ Halloween parade at school (he’s so awesome!), he wasn’t complaining for the early night (after a weekend along with the 3 kids, neither was I).

When Chris was gone that weekend, the kids and I spent a couple nights at my mom’s. While there my sister Mandy, who volunteer’s at The Clearwater Marine Aquarium got us in so we could see Winter the Dolphin. Milla was so excited, it’s all she talked about ALL WEEK! Every day I heard “how many more days until we get to see Winter?” I really have to learn not to tell her we’re doing anything until we’re on our way. It’s a small aquarium (but all the hype from the movie is allowing some major renovations) so we weren’t fighting crowds to see the animals. They even have the sting ray touch tank which was one of the things Sea World used to do but don’t anymore (there’s always those a**holes who do something malicious to the animals and ruin it for everyone else). Of course now that they’re upgrading the same thing will probably happen here and they’ll abolish that too. Mandy said on a normal Saturday the aquarium would see about 200 people, since the release of the movie the numbers are around 2,000! Glad we got to see it when we did.

My birthday was this past Saturday (the 19th). It wasn’t a big deal meaning we didn’t do anything, but I got some pretty rad gifts! Chris had bought me my cell phone months earlier because I am way to impatient to actually wait for my birthday. My dad is a great craftsman (he’d probably say “not ‘great'” but the family would disagree) so he made me some shadow boxes to take up some space on my enormous yet naked walls. My mom and step dad bought me my first Coach purse! I’ve had a few “designer imitation” ones so it feels really good to finally have a REAL one, and every girl deserves at least ONE nice purse right? I got a few other things, my mother in law sent me a gift card (which was so nice of her) and my sister bought me a bottle of wine and a “Mommy’s Little Helper” wine glass which always comes in handy, and at least 70 (yes i counted them) “Happy Birthday’s” on my facebook. You know, you think those things aren’t important but just that one little gesture, that takes a few seconds from your day, can really make someone feel special (I say to the other 100+ “friends” I have on there who did NOT say it to me, but whatever…I ain’t mad :))

I’ve been trying to help a friend of mine with her pot belly pig rescue by running her twitter feed, but Link and I have been sick the past week or so. Just a cold but I haven’t been very motivated to do anything. But if you’re on twitter please follow her @GoodKarmaRescue and help get the word out, She’s starting virtual adoptions and could really use the donations and support. I admire anyone with the resources to help unwanted and/or abused animals, and while she definitely has the land, most of the financial burden is on her family so like I said, any and all donations help!

So that’s all the “up” stuff. The downside is, the new business isn’t taking off like we hoped and money is tight. I’m honestly so sick of stressing about it! All I keep thinking about is Christmas and whether or not we’ll even be able to afford one this year. Chris of course says not to worry and he’ll come up with something and he always does, but you can’t tell that to my anxiety… because it doesn’t have any ears to hear you. Meanwhile the girls keep adding to their wish lists and I’m just hoping we’ll be able to get them something. “Woe is me” right? This isn’t a pity party, just venting.

Also, the phone I love and that I got for my birthday, fell out of my hands and onto my driveway a couple weeks ago. Now the glass is all cracked. The phone still works (as Riley discovered) but it looks awful 🙁 I cried! Like a little girl who just heard her puppy died. I know I know, “first world pains”, but I think it hit me so hard because with all our other financial obligations, fixing a phone that broke because of my carelessness was just not something we needed added to the list. *Le sigh*

Oh and our washing machine started making a weird noise  and our vacuum stopped working…fun times! 🙂

I did go job hunting, which sucked. Turns out we’re in a recession, did you hear? And apparently everyone who got fired or laid off from their high paying corporate jobs took all the retail ones that I am qualified for! Being a stay home mom with no college degree or technical achievements, I’m not exactly reeling in the offers. So seriously, my blog needs to take off and make me rich so we can live off it…you think? Who doesn’t want to hear the rantings of a stressed out mom/housewife??? 🙂 Obviously I didn’t get any call backs and I would have started calling them but recruiters started calling Chris and I didn’t want to get a job I’d have to quit if he got one that paid better, but those didn’t work out either so… “pssssstttttt”

I don’t think I appreciated how good we had it. I mean I did always appreciate it, but I feel like I took it for granted too. Now I know we don’t have to go blow $500+ in a weekend to cure boredom, and the kids don’t need a new toy every time we go somewhere…I do miss eating out though. Maybe we needed this slump so that when it’s over we don’t forget that we don’t have it bad.

I guess that’s it. I hear Link stirring around which means he’ll be up soon. If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading!

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