Link’s Christmas List

Thanks for checking out Link’s holiday wishlist. We’re all really excited about Christmas this year, and hoping Link won’t remove all the ornaments from the bottom half of the tree again.

Lately Link’s been all about Pixar! We have most of (if not all of) the movies so we’re about the toys now. He loves reenacting. Cars, Toys Story and The Incredibles are among his favorites. You can always find lots of stuff at your local Disney Store.

He’s still into matchbox cars, construction vehicles, and AIRPLANES!

We’re fortunate enough to get clothes handed down to us from my nephew so Link’s pretty goo on clothes except for jeans, but if you see an outfit you just can’t resist, here are his sizes too:

shirts: 3T
pants: jeans or cargo 24 months
shoes: 6-7

Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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