Baby Diaries – 2 week appt

weight: 10.1 lbs
height: 22″ long
 (she admitted he was probably measured wrong at the last appt)

Today was Lincoln’s 2nd doctor appointment. Everything is fine, he’s gaining weight like he should be and looks perfectly healthy 🙂 I had a couple concerns, first I noticed he had what felt like lumps under both of his nipples. I freaked at first because I hadn’t felt it before and I don’t remember it with the girls but he said that’s common in breastfed babies and will go away. Also, his umbilical cord stub fell off last week but it doesn’t look healed all the way, again he said it was normal and would heal over time. That and the poor baby has the worst case of hiccups every time he eats. He doesn’t seem bothered by them but I know I hate hiccups. Apparently it’s only because he has an immature diaphram and like anything else, it’s normal and will develop over the next few months.

Besides that, he’s doing well. He’s more awake and alert now, spending more time with open eyes which are beautiful to look at. The only time he’s fussy is when he’s gassy which is my fault because of the things I’ve been eating. Last night we had spaghetti but since I know that will upset his stomach I just dose him with Mylicon before I nurse and he seems to be okay so far.

I’ve been okay. I’m back to getting headaches every day which sucks. Also I’ve been a little overwhelmed with a few crying spells the last couple days. We’ve had some outside drama going on that has affected our normal routine, which I was depending on while I get used to this transition. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon but I’m not sure yet. Luckily Link sleeps well at night so I’m not sleep deprived on top of it. Mostly I’m just dying to get back into my old clothes which doesn’t look likely any time soon 🙁 I know, it took me 9 months to get this size, it’ll take a while to get back to where I want to be. It’d be no big deal if I wasn’t nursing, but I’m still hungry alot because of everything I’m putting out, and I’m limited (as in can’t take at all) to what I can take as far as dietary suppliments. I try not to obsess about it because I know it’ll just discourage me from wanting to nurse which I want to do. I just allowed myself to get frustrated when I was nursing Milla so I quit earlier than I did with Riley. I want to give Link this first year. So i wait…again.

Next appointment is scheduled for July 7th. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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