Mommy Diaries – 37 weeks

This was the second best appointment I’ve had, after finding out we were expecting a boy 🙂 First of all I am a fingertip dilated (which doesn’t sound like much but considering I have never dilated even that much with either pregnancy before, makes this real progress!) But that’s not all, I also LOST a pound! All that walking and drinking lots of water is paying off (we’ll see if we’re as lucky next week considering I haven’t been able to walk with all this rain).

My midwife DID try to dilate me to at least 1cm but OUCH!! Holy hell, THAT is NOT fun! I figure “thanks but I’ll just get there on my own” 🙂

I also asked her to check to be sure he was still head down. Yesterday he was moving around and later I felt hiccups where his feet used to be and feet where his hiccups used to be, this was not good. Normally babies at this stage are getting “into” position not out of it. I could have sworn I felt him still flip flopped. As we waited for our appointment he was moving around like crazy! Luckily he moved himself right back into position. So we’re back to good! 🙂

Well that’s it, short and sweet, nothing else really exciting going on. Less than 3 weeks to go!

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