Some things you should know…

Before you approach me, read this…

Family: My family is VERY important to me! They are the few people that I KNOW will always be there for me. If I decide at the last second to drive up Gainesville with my dad to go see them, then I’m going to. I will probably invite you but you don’t have to go, and if you don’t want to, fine, but don’t expect me to stay home either! Make plans with your friends or family and we’ll hook back up later.

Friends: I have a few VERY CLOSE girlfriends. I tell them (almost) EVERYTHING! If you’re a dick and we fight and it’s your fault, they’re going to know about it. If their opinion of you matters and you don’t want to to look like an asshole infront of them, don’t be one! Also, even though we have very different lives going on right now and we don’t see each other often, if they call me out of the blue and want me to go out for a girls night and you and I didn’t already have plans, I’m going to go. Don’t call me six thousand times asking when I’ll be home, don’t ask where I’ll be or to check in every hour, DON’T SHOW UP just to spy on me and act like it’s a coincidence that you’re there.

Your friends: I have no problem with guys night out, I don’t care how often you see your friends but please, don’t make plans with me and then make plans with them and make me feel guilty because you double booked yourself. Also, if you do go out and it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, DONT CALL ME and ask if I’m awake or if we’re going to have sex when you get home! The answer to both is NO!

Holidays: I love holidays! I grew up in a religion very similar to Jewish, so I didn’t celebrate any “traditional” ones until I was 13 (not even my birthday). I am reliving all of them through my daughters so I try to make them as big and as special as I can (afford). Yes, I’d rather make the kids easter baskets than get one of those POS ones you buy at the grocery store and not at the last minute either, and yes I DO have to stuff their stocking because that’s the best part no matter how you feel about it. Their birthday’s are a HUGE deal, so is every other Holiday they make a card for that I never got as a child :)!

GEMINI’s need not apply! My last two ex’s were Gem’s, nuf’ said…we’ll make great friends but anymore than that, we’ll explode (and it’s an ugly mess) 🙂

Don’t give me bad news while I’m eating. It kills my appetite and then I’m a total bitch because I didn’t eat.

Don’t call me names. It is absolutely the most childish form of argueing I’ve ever experienced! Especially “whore”. (If I ever acted like one, it was part of the game, which I’m sure was not my idea anyway)

Rinse your damn dishes!  (especially milk glasses!)

Don’t call me “momma”

Do not squeeze parts of my body that I’m insecure about and say “It’s cute” (I don’t think I’m alone on that one)

Please, don’t lie to me. If it’s something stupid, whatever but if you lied a BIG lie and I find out about it, it’s ON (I’m scoripio, REVENGE is inevidible)

If you cheat on me, IT’S OVER! I may not leave you right away, but you’ll wish I had. I’m a 100 percent loyal to my man (again, scorpio). I’ve only ever cheated on one ex and he started on me in our first few months, (plus I’m still in love with the man I was with). If we’re commited and I trust you, you need not worry about me.

I will trust you completely until the first time you hurt me

Don’t put me in positions where I feel insecure (don’t tell me you’re with your boys and call me with girls in the background and says “it’s nothing”)

I’ve never been a “center of attention” kind of person, DO NOT make me the butt of your jokes in front of other people…you’ll regret that when we’re alone. I don’t draw alot of attention to myself, I don’t need you to do it for me.

I’m not really girlie but sometimes I love girlie things (i.e. flowers, candles, etc…), surprise me once in a while.

I adore affection, not to be confused with sex. Sometimes all I want to do is kiss. I want you to come up and kiss me for no reason (that would be better than coming up and grabbing those body parts I mentioned earlier)

(I can’t believe I didn’t put this first and should go without saying) RESPECT my kids. They are extensions of me. I hope you will love each other but if not, you have to respect them. I will never allow them to disrespect you (I know how that feels). Don’t expect to meet them right away either, they mean too much to me to be put in situations where they may lose someone they love. It also keeps those who would use them to get close to me, away…